Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A walk in the spring sunshine

It was such a beautiful spring day today that after spending the morning gardening, I just couldn't resist a good walk in the sunshine, so I got my husband to drop me off a couple of miles up the hill (I just couldn't face that steep hill in my current state of unfitness!)

The start of my walk.

This old farmhouse has fabulous views up along the valley.

The first celendines are just appearing.

View along the valley, looking south.

The bracken is gradually capturing this hill slope and ruining the grazing.

I don't know how long this land has been abandoned - possibly as late as the 1970s when old farmhouses and cottages were routinely condemned for being without "facilities" - but surely in the Second World War, every inch of this land would have been encouraged to produce as much as possible for the War Effort.

The sky above was such an intense celestial blue.

I prefer to walk this route this way round, with the lane winding ever DOWNwards!

I have photographed this particular tree before - the spring sunlight catches the green moss on the branches and trunk as if it has been spray-painted.

The view south along the Cothi Valley.

Snowdrops are still blooming happily. I can't help wondering how many decades ago they were first planted?

Across the valley, an old farmstead in the shade of the valley bottom lies abandoned and the incoming family have chosen to live higher up the valley side in the sunlight. Who can blame them?

A sunny bank and a long-untended stone wall.

This gateway over the stream at Cwm Heligan always amuses me. I always wanted to explore the trackways on the opposite side.

One arm of the stream above swoops downhill and then splits and loops around both sides of a cottages lawns.

Some of a neighbour's ewes with a pair of few-days-old twins.

I thought there would be more Primroses out, but this one cheered me up anyway.

In the shelter of the hedgerow, both Lords and Ladies (above) and the wild Garlic (Ramsons) were growing.


  1. Lambs, primroses and celandines equal SPRING!Plus sunshine of course. I love that old green tree.

  2. What a lovely walk! I can understand why you chose the downhill direction.
    Isn`t it good to see the green shoots sprouting along the lanes?
    A very short dog walk, minus camera, for me today. Too much to do.....

  3. thanks for sharing the walk with us x

  4. Jennie, I love reading your blog and seeing the seasons change in your beautiful part of the world. Just thought I'd pop in and let you know I'm still around and still think often of your energy being there with me almost 2 years ago. xo

  5. What stunning photos, even better just walking.
    Wish I could walk, its still very cold here, like 10* above now. And where I live, it isn't safe to walk, oh well, I have your photos.
    Have a great week.

  6. Lovely, lovely walk. We are going from warm to snow, and back again. Wondering if spring is ever coming to stay. I loved the author you featured writing on Exmoor. Now I have to find the books. Several friends and I are studying Wales and I wondered if you could recommend a cookbook that offers traditional Welsh cooking? We would be ever so appreciative. Love the blog as ever, Blessings, Lynn

  7. Such a beautiful landscape--and much enhanced by a day of sunshine after winters' gloom. I don't know that I ever enjoyed puffing up hills even in my younger and fitter years, but I'm good for miles of level or downhill. Its a lovely time of year to be outside and then come in to a cozy kitchen and a mug of tea.

  8. MM - hills are par for the course round here. When I weighed a couple of stone less, they didn't matter so much and when I was a skinny little kid, I raced up 'em!

    Lynn - I will jot down some titles for you later on (perhaps do a seperate log posting so it doesn't get lost). Hope Bourne's books are still available on Amazon (in fact, I just treated myself to her "Wild Harvest" . . . naughty Jennie!)

    Denimflyz - I cannot imagine living anywhere where it ISN'T safe to walk - how horrid for you. I hope the warmer weather is with you soon.

    Sandy - it is SO good to see you again, and I am just glad I could be of help when you needed it. I've signed up to follow your blog now so we can stay in touch.

    dubgirl and Chris J - glad you enjoyed the walk. It was magic.

    DW - I've done it uphill, but have to get good and fit first. Fahly preferred it uphill - he was never that confident going down steep hills on tarmac (a different matter on grass . . .)