Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Weary but satisfied

Newton House seen from the castle, last May. Not long now until we have LEAVES again!

I've not long come inside from working hard out in the paddock plot, around the soft fruit area, where the 2nd bed of raspberries needed hand weeding and digging over and then mulching with muck heap. I wanted a break from working a the roadside, which is a bit monotonous, just yanking out nettle roots.

It has been SUCH a beautiful spring day, wall to wall sunshine, and it was a pleasure to be outside. I lost the morning to a necessary double meeting at the Big House where I am volunteering, but I enjoyed it all the same and am looking forward to dressing up at later date, when they have special Edwardian days. It is doing wonders for my confidence (after over 20 years spent at home, looking after my family) and I find that I still have a functioning brain as well, which DOES surprise me - I thought my memory had gone walkabouts!

This is the view across the Deer Park which I never tire of. I just have to step to the back of the hall and I can see the 100 or so Fallow deer when they are down near the house. They have a grazing pattern, like all animals, but fortunately they have been near each time I have been volunteering over the past few weeks.

Just because I remembered the camera today, they were much further away, behind the slope. Ah well . . .

I promise - the last tadpole picture for a while. I just had to take this one today as they were several tadpoles deep in this warm shallow corner of the wildlife pond.

Last but not least, my Magnolia stellata is breaking out into flower today. Spring has truly arrived.

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  1. We do need some mental stimulation when we grow older. I am glad you have found yours in the volunteering. The boost in your self-confidence is a very good thing.

    Blogging has done that for me.