Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mostly "kittens"

Jarvis in the jungle . . .

I took quite a few photos of the kittens the other evening. Well, I call them kittens, but of course they are fully-grown now and about 14 or 15 months old. They are such lovely boys, and love to keep me company out in the garden. They're always prostrating themselves on the ground at my feet, to have their tummies tickled and to be made a fuss of. They are full of curiosity and fun, and love to play together and sometimes with mum (Miffy) too. She now allows me to stroke her and is finally no longer afraid of people, which is good, but it took 18 months, from the time we first saw her lurking at the back of the garden, and she used to hurtle off the moment the door opened.

Today I've done the usual housework, plus more gardening (tidying up and edging and weeding), and yet more painting - a bit I'd missed on a windowframe (from leaving the window open!), then a door frame and finally the first coat on a once-white door which I hadn't noticed needed doing as I only ever see the front of it and not the caramel once-white back!



Alfie and Tippy

The Three Muskateers

There's a tiger inside every cat.

Below: My poor little pear tree - they are forever launching themselves into this one and swinging like Tarzan from the branches!

I ended my afternoon watching the menfolk at work at the paddock-edge, trying to remove some dead/dieing branches from a very elderly Willow which has succombed to disease. Fortunately they were using the bow-saw and not the chain saw or I'd have been having kittens! I looked up at Swallows swooping in a game of chase around the house, swooping and tipping a wing and jinking like a Whippet does when it's running flat out. They made me smile.


  1. We are still referring to Willis and Co as "kittens" although they are approaching a year old. Now that Gina and her family are moved down the road into their new home, the "barn kittens" have resumed spending time in the gardens--they were wary of G's little dogs and her big Maine Coon Cat.
    Willis likes to wander off, at which point I forget about him, then he flies through the air and lands in the middle of whatever I am weeding--very startling.

  2. Good to hear from you again MM, and glad that Gina and her family have found the right property close to you again. Willis sounds SUCH a character!

  3. Your kittens have grown into beautiful, healthy , happy cats. A year`s work well done by both Miffy and you! Lovely photos.

  4. Such pretty markings on your 'kittens'. Right now cats are on my mind. My new 'Scruffy' is an absolute joy. I have made a debut page just for him.