Friday, 10 June 2011


Sometimes, words just come to you. I always have a pen and paper in my handbag, and in the car, and quite often when words come to me, unbidden, I have to pull over and scribble them down before they are lost forever.

In having to tidy up here before yet another agent passed through our portals, I found some scraps of paper with scribbles on. Here are the words on one scrap of paper.

In the still of night

The moonbow glitters,

Arching its silver bow to earth.

Myriad silver droplets forming

Reflecting a moonbeams'

Glance at Earth . . .

If I've posted this before, raise your eyebrows and shake your head - I'm having one of those weeks. I was so bejeebered by teatime yesterday that instead of pouring the milk into the cheese scone mix , I tipped it into the mince and gravy . . . Lord knows what I shall be like if we ever get a buyer . . .


  1. I use a pad too for jotting down odds n sods that spring randomly to mind. Very helpful it is too.

    If you've posted I din't remember it { no surprise there then - I have a rubbish memory. Which is probably why I need a pad......}

  2. Thats so lovely. Im the same, when inspiration hits im often running around looking for the paper and pen.

    Ah it must be catching. Yesterday morning I boiled the kettle, put the cereal in the bowl, the teabag in the cup and then picked up the kettle and went to pour the water into my cereal! Well actually i did pour a tad in but then stopped myself!!! ... Ive decided though that stress reroutes the brain, makes links we dont normally make!

    Im sure if you get a buyer you will happily be eating scones, mince and gravy! ;-)

  3. I've started carrying a notebook with me these days. But the other day I found myself being creative while I was driving on the motorway.I think I'm going to have to invest in a dictaphone!

  4. I ought to carry a notebook for stray thoughts and words. Evene if I filled the largest of notebooks I couldn't come up with poetry like yours though:)