Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Who moved the goalposts?

There was I, happily confident that by teatime today I would be completely on top of all the little jobs to be done before the agent came with his camera tomorrow. WRONG! I had just cleaned the inside of the windows across the front of the house over the bay (insides) and all TWENTY panes in the Dining Room windows and G came home from her pub job. She's early, I thought. Then I found out why - she had brought the ironing back with her. About 100 linen teatowels which I do when they're short staffed. I needed some cash, so everything was put on hold for 3 hours whilst I ironed and ironed - and they were devils to do as they were linen and VERY dry - the edges had folded like concertinas on some. Sigh.

Anyway, finally I got to get out and tidy up in the garden, which is what I had been intending to do before G's return. I was just going to weed along the pathway, but I realized I not noticed how untidy it was right by the gate, so I had to do that before weeding all the grass and Creeping Buttercup out from below the soft fruit bushes. I picked the few Redcurrants which were ready on one bush and will freeze them until the other 5 bushes are ready.

As you can see, farm rubbish sometimes comes in handy . . .

Of course, I had some cats to help me, including a happy Gypsy who wanted to play with my gloves. That daft Alfie was dangling in one of the young pear trees too!

I had intended to pick Elderflowers today. Sigh. This is the view down the farm track and as you can see, the weather was starting to brew . . .

Plenty of gooseberries this year. This is just one little bush in this soft fruit garden. The original soft fruit area has 5 BIG bushes, all pulled down by the weight of fruit. Sparkling Gooseberry wine this year I think.

My Paul's Himalayan Musk is coming out in bloom. Not quite at the million blossoms stage yet though.

And during today's tidy up, we found this Gillian McDonald print which I had for a birthday present a few years back, and which is still awaiting a frame. We will save it for the Next House, which gives me something to look forward to. I have a purple islands print of hers too, which is also waiting for a frame and a new home . . .


  1. The rainbow looks lovely - shame it means the weather has to be awful. I've planted a couple of gooseberry bushes this year but they are still too small to fruit. Next year though......

  2. I am sure your garden will look lovely on the photographs - I find weeds usually become quite hidden on photos. You certainly sound very busy - do hope your house sells soon and you can get settled.

  3. Eould you believe that the word verification is didmor! (I sometimes wonder if there is a little gremlin lurking inside the computer picking appropriate WV's)

  4. Gosh - it was certainly "didmor" here today Weaver! I've just come upstairs after cooking a quick risotto for my (very late) tea, and chopping up and cooking 8 lbs of very ripe peaches which I got for £1 the tray at the greengrocery warehouse yesterday. I had to use them today or chuck them. I really AM weary now.

    Morning AJ - gooseberry bushes seem to grow pretty quickly and even a year's growth will be quite worthwhile.

  5. The old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men is so true isn't it? I've still got to pick elderflowers as well and as for my gooseberries they are useless. Badly mildewed and for the first time in 30-odd years I have gooseberry sawfly so the bushes will be coming out and I'll maybe get some fresh stock in the autumn.

  6. I think you were a real trooper to take on three hours of ironing on top of everything else!
    You do get some good bargains at the greengrocery warehouse.

    I`m going to leave the elderflowers here and wait for the berries, for jam.

  7. What a busy day you had and I feel lazy just sitting here reading about it. I love ironed tea towels! Not that I do it very often...but still. All lovely pics and I feel as if I've had a visit there today. Thanks for sharing...