Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Boot Sale Bargains

Leanne, over on her blog Dorset Days, yesterday wrote about some of her bootsale bargains, and I thought I would reciprocate, as for the first time in months, we actually BOUGHT something a the car boot sales at the weekend. There were two.

I have absolutely NO IDEA what this lid was for. It was only 50p, and fits one of my jars and will be perfectly usable with a cork placed in the aperture. Any suggestions what its original purpose may have been? I would date it to high Victorian times - probably about 1870 or so. Brewing? Vinegar making (though there were specific-shape jars for this)?

These booklets cost me £2 the whole lot at a car boot sale on Saturday, and they will be read and used whenever we visit one of these places. Wells is on the list for the Autumn, when we are house-sitting for friends back in England.

Although my needle has been idle for many a long month, I couldn't resist this flower fairy x-stitch kit for just £1.50. If I start now, it may be finished by the time the grandchildren start arriving! Our middle daughter has some lovely Flower Fairy pieces, discarded now she has moved out and is house-sharing in Swansea, so I shall start my little Nursery Collection. Let's hope there will be some girls some time in the future!

I just HAD to have this. I'm always on the lookout for big storage jars. This steen with lid counts as one (just!) Apparently it came from an old lady of 80, who had had it from her grandmother, and so it probably dates from late Victorian times. It was always used for making "plum pudding" apparently (Christmas pud then, and perhaps a big Christmas cake mix). I have NEVER seen one with a lid before. I would like to keep it, but if I find out it is more valuable than I think, I may have to try and offer it for sale as money is very tight right now.

Below: this plant stand was such a ridiculous bargain (£4) my husband wouldn't leave it behind. Solid mahogany and beautifully turned, it now awaits a suitable trailing plant - or a big chunky candle.


  1. The lid looks like one of those old bed warmers...

    The lidded pot and the plant stand look great. I would have been tempted too, I think.

  2. The big storage jar looks quite a find. Nice that you know its history too.

  3. a big chunky candle I think BB. Lovely.
    Wells is one of my favourite cathedrals and its enfirons are so veyr pretty - enjoy it.

  4. I do love crocks--something very substantial and homely about them. Your new one is a beauty.
    There were plant/candle stands going at the auction we attended last night--modern things, not beautifully turned like K.'s find---I could only think that whatever I might put on one would be immediately toppled by a cat!

  5. You scored some lovely finds at the "car boot sales" (I love that name - here it's just plain old "garage sales" or "carport sales" - definitely not as interesting). I especially like the crock with the lid.

  6. Love the flower fairy cross-stitch kit! And I think I would put a large pillar candle on the plant stand if it were mine ... I don't have a green thumb and wouldn't care to display any of my spindly houseplants in that way. Thanks for sharing your great finds.