Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tretower Court and Castle . . . Part II

When we arrived at Tretower, we walked across to the Castle ruins first. Much of the fabric of the original walls and buildings has been incorporated into later dwellings (the Manor house and a nearby farmhouse), but the main keep still remains, and its surrounding circular defensive wall.

The keep was still a pretty good height - high enough to make me dizzy when I looked up.

This area was the kitchen with a hall above.

Looking out across the landscape from the tower, to give you an idea of Welsh vernacular housing, and the scenery.

Double click for the history.

The remains of the original wonderful fireplaces still hanging on the wall.

Looking back through ruined curtain walls to one end of the Manor House.

Keyhole view of the fields.

The end of the Manor house, where the orchard and formal gardens are. (Photos of those tomorrow).

The view of the Manor house as you walk back from the castle. Quite a size!


  1. Lovely photographs. I love those panshions (don't know how to spell it!), as my mother used to call those earthenware bowls.

  2. Wonderful Norman windows and fireplaces in the castle ruins.
    What an imposing manor house too.

  3. You make it so interesting,I almost feel as though I'm there.I love visiting old buildings,especially if they have kitchens etc furnished as they would have been.You can feel the presence of all the people who have lived and worked there.