Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sunday's car boot treasures

The weather was a little threatening on Sunday morning - this is looking out across Next Door's farmyard first thing - but I'm glad to say that when we got to the Car Boot Sale it had brightened up a bit and although there was one very heavy shower, that was when we were under cover in the main shed. We kept our promise to only buy what we NEEDED, ahem, with the exception of £2 spent on books . . . But I did NEED that horsey book! I even found the right size frame/glass for a little x-stitch picture I got recently, so I shall have to set to and get it mounted and framed. That was 50p.

These lampshades ay be a little dated now, but there were 3 of them, at £1 each, and we needed three more open lampshades for our bottom hallway, and these let a lot more light through now, and can be left as part of the fixtures and fittings of the house when we FINALLY get a buyer.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this weighty tome for just £1. It was a reprint of a Victorian horse book dating from about 1880, and is an excellent addition to my Library.

OH couldn't resist these two books at just 50p each.

Isn't this gorgeous? I collect green glass anyway, but this will be going to one of my daughters at Christmas, with a display of felt biscuits from the latest Mollie Makes magazine.

I just couldn't resist these curtains, although I was trying to think which window I could hang them at as they were for a long narrow window and ours tend to be wide. As they were only £1 the pair including the top valence, I threw caution to the winds and hope they will fit somewhere in our next house!

I think I must have conveyed a cosmic order to the Universe for curtains last weekend, as when we went to the Car Boot Sale almost every other stall had curtains of some description. I was on the look out for a pair of heavyweight winter curtains for the kitchen. I didn't find those, but I did get this pair of pale blue cotton curtains, which are a perfect fit, and which I intend to back with woollen material (I have an entire roll of it). They were just £2 and the denim blue colour matches the kitchen tiles and deeper blue paintwork of the kitchen.


  1. 'I thought I'd buy them in case they fit in our next house'

    That's women right there!


  2. I did smile, I brought with me from Bucks, several pairs of curtains that I had collected over 6 years, all William Morris fabrics. None of them fit the windows here at Hillside, but they remain in the loft..just in case!
    Isn't it nice when you find something that's "just the job".

  3. I know Al, probably one of the reasons men will NEVER understand the fair(er) sex . . .

    Kath - I have already planned to have The Strawberry Thief in our new home, but WHICH colourway? Blue, green, purple, red . . .

  4. Hi BB

    Curtains never can have too many curtains. I have picked up several pairs over the years "for the house I haven't yet got including some Sanderson Peony ones for very massive french windows x 2 pairs at £10 the lot. I thought I did rather well with that little find. The windows in this house are too small! That's the trouble with car booty or Charity shop finds. Hung drawn and proven guilty. At the moment charity shops and car boots are off limits but one day! Take care


  5. Seems to me you got some really good bargains there - I think it requires patience going round such sales in order to sniff out the bargains. Love those blue shades.

  6. Pattypan - HOW did you know that Sanderson Roses and Paeonies is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE? That and the Strawberry Thief are on the list for decorating in our next house . . .

    WG - we were rather smitten too - old-fashioned or whatever, they look right in our hallway.

  7. The things is with curtains--if they are really good fabric and plenty of it they can become something else if not needed at a window!
    I'm attempting to be very strict with myself about acquiring any more bits and pieces--the sorting and scaling back effort here is not yet finished.

  8. Hi BB - I just love the Paeonies design and I also like the Strawberry Thief too. I think we must have similar tastes on a lot of things! Probably a good eye for a bargain. Hope you are okay.

    Take care