Thursday, 25 August 2011

Here be dragons : )

Last weekend we had guests to stay Friday - Sunday. This was my friend "GTM"'s first visit, and I think I can say that she and her girls will be back again - hopefully soon! We had a wonderful time. Much red wine was drunk, much talking done, two big roasts eaten, a lovely walk taken along by the river where her twin girls hunted for the local dragons - and found some too! GTM is my friend's internet forum name. We have known each other about 5 years now, and met a couple of times before. I can honestly say that the group of friends I have made in recent years, all from forums, are friends for life and not one of them has been an axe-wielding murderer . . .

GTM and girls down on the bridge, hoping to see an Otter. No Otters this time, but Dippers and Water Wagtails were in evidence.

Looking upstream.

"GTM" and girls E & M, spotting the Dipper curtsying on his rock.

Here they have spotted the Tree Dragon, who has freckles of grey-blue lichen on his face and who lurks beneath a cape of ivy. He is quite a benevolent dragon.

Golden yellow Chanterelles growing up from the moss and ivy of the river bank.

Here by the river, we found the Spindle Dragon launching himself into the Wood Rushes on the riverbank.

These gorgeous Dahlias were a gift from a friend of GTM's. Aren't they lovely? I am now filled with enthusiasm to grow them in my garden (hmmm, somewhere where the slugs can't get them!) either here - as we seem destined to stay put - or else in our next home.

I wish I could remember their names, but I think I will have a trot round Wyevale today and jot down some names of those I like and will grow next year, wherever we are.

Absolutely stunning blooms. The photos don't do them justice as the overhead light made the yellow on the petals glare. The black ones were superb.

The bashed old Victorian jug was the perfect foil for their intense colours.

Sadly, the weekend sped by and our guests were heading back to Dorset, leaving us with memories and some gorgeous venison sausages and a haunch of venison for Christmas dinner, residing in the freezer. It seems very quiet without them . . .


  1. ALL dragons are benevolent. You ask my friend

  2. How lovely to see the girls. They have grown up so much. I have not been able to access GTM's blog since it changed :-(
    Love the spindle dragon, he looks like a baby croc :-D

  3. Lovely photos from your happy weekend! Did you tell the girls about the dragon who lives in a cave in the bank behind Fahly`s old stable ( from our old forum story...)?

    Those dahlias look so bright and cheerful. Gorgeous colours.

    Autumn is creeping into the woods here. The beeches are tinged with yellow and the hawthorn berries are much redder than usual for this time of year.