Friday, 23 September 2011

An Autumn evening walk

Yesterday was yet another "glum" day for me. Family worries have dragged me to a very low ebb in recent weeks. I forced myself to go through the necessities, but there was no satisfaction in a job completed and even jam-making was a chore. Just before tea I suggested to my long-suffering husband that we drove up the hill overlooking our valley to get some fresh air. I'm glad we did as it cheered me up. The sun came out just as we parked the car, and the views were soft and the colours of the landscape muted, awaiting rain.

We made a fuss of two Welsh Cobs (mother and daughter?) who came across to us, and noticed that we had looked in the wrong place for blackberries, as there were a lot more up here, and larger than the miniscule ones I have been forced to pick along our lanes.

Although we didn't walk far, the views lifted my spirits and I felt better for having "touched base".

I shall now be away from the computer for a few days. Hopefully I will have lots to post about on my return.

Looking towards the Towy Valley.

I am sure I have never noticed this little cottage and outbuildings before. I shall have to go and check it out on the map, and how it is accessed.

Back down the hill the distant fields faded to the palest jade.

Whilst above us, storm clouds threatened and the sun turned the field an acid green.

There is Arab blood in many of the Welsh Cob bloodlines - 100 years back perhaps, but it still shows - look at the profile of this little lass, with her dished face and big jaw.

Looking across the valley, where I was trying to work out if Jim had put his TB broodmares in the long apostrophe-shaped field.

Neighbours' farms across the valley.

It looks like it will rain soon, judging by the lowering clouds.

The soft colours were so beautiful.


  1. There is nothing like rural scenes to get one's priorities and worries back in order BB. Sorry you are having a tough time at present. I hope it is not too long before you are able to look back on it all and see light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. I would so like to go on your walks! Being outdoors is truly a spirit-lifter.
    I appreciate the way an approaching storm changes the colors of the landscape so quickly---so many things to notice living in the country.
    I hope your days "away" will be a solace and refreshment for you--not more of a crisis nature to sort!

  3. Looks gorgeous. I hope you're feeling better soon. I know how 'glum' can take over if you don't find ways to fight it off. Take care.