Thursday, 8 September 2011

Waterfalls, tree art and mooching

That's a good word - mooching - onomatopoeic I think. Anyway, I suggested a short wander further up the valley to OH yesterday afternoon, so we drove up to the swing bridge (well, it used to be 60 years ago, but now its a static one). Then we strolled on for another half mile or so, picking up some useful logs for firewood (you can never have too much wood).

View upstream and downstream from the bridge.

A neighbour's sheep delighted to be on fresh pasture.

We came across some tree art by the track leading up to a hippy homestead. So I thought I'd share it with you. This is my favourite as it looks rather like a fungus!

A burned and upturned stump makes a wonderful chair if you don't mind charcoal trousers!

Not sure if the colouring worked on this stump, but it certainly stood out.

The hill of Darren Fawr.

A treetop field above my friend's smallholding.

A recent felling of pine trees has revealed the waterfall in all its glory. I loved standing beside it and feeling the energy from the water.

Today I had anger to burn off so I walked 4 miles in 66 minutes, going absolutely flat out all the way on the outward journey. I didn't ake my camera, because I wanted to get into a good rhythm. At the hilltop in sight of Wern, I turned round and had a one minute piece-of-chocolate stop. Now I am full of endorphines and my anger shelved for the moment, but I am still worried about our eldest daughter and that worry (and the associated murderous! feelings towards the young man concerned) look like being constants for a good while yet.

I find walking so VERY therapeutic, for worry, stress and anxiety, and for problem-solving, and burning up anger, and on other occasions, just for relaxing and "touching base" with the natural world. I'd love to be walking up in the Brecon Beacons but with fuel the price it is, that's not a wish I can indulge. It has to be along the lanes at the moment - all the lanes I used to ride along with Fahly. I could have done with him this morning (though he had a VERY dim opinion on emotional women) as I felt like I just wanted to gallop flat out.

I'm now going to make some bread as I need to punch some dough!


  1. I think you are doing all the right things to get rid of your anger BB. The trouble is that we just do not like to see our children hurt do we.

  2. I love it when you spring a new word on me! Onomatopoeic--I looked it up and find I'm well acquainted with practicing that form of language, but didn't know there was such a mouth-filling-spell-challenging term for it!