Sunday, 18 September 2011

In praise of Cats . . .

What a miserable day out. Rain just falling as if someone's taken the stopper out of the clouds. NOT a car boot sale day, that's for sure. I have a date with some windfalls so I have decided to turn them into this year's Mincemeat for Christmas and beyond.

I thought I would share some recent cat photos with you . . .

Cat in a box. Miffy, mum to the boys, proving that Every Box Attracts Cats! This one has apples in it . . .

Brotherly "love"!!!

Alfie in the office (where he is currently sat at my feet, looking at Lucy, who is on my lap).

Tippy having a stretch. He is currently off hunting again, being the Wilderness Cat, but now the rain has set in, I have a feeling the wanderer may return.

A smug-looking Alfie out on the patio. He is very loving and affectionate with a BIG voice!

This is Little Whale (aka Jarvis) proving that if you shut your eyes you can't see anyone!

Above and below, my favourite, Lucky, who is an Old Lady now - at least 17 and possibly older. She has heart problems and has to be on medication, but she is a good girl about taking it in a dab of butter. We used to see her around the place, long before she came to us, desperate for food, one winter. She worships me, as I was the one with the food . . . She only has half a tail, but we don't know how she lost the rest of it as that happened before she came to us.

This is little Banshee, who I found as a tiny kitten on the side of the lane one day. She is a quirky little madam and my husband's favourite. He gives in every time for her loud demands for Cheese - and QUICK about it! She is very imperious, and has never grown beyond the size of a six month old kitten, so is a wee girly.

Here is Lucy, aka the Racing Snake! She hunts a lot and prefers her own caught food to tinned food, unless it is Whiskas : ) She is on my lap right now. She just has one eye, after her sister Fluff (below) dabbed her in the other one and despite veterinary treatment, she had to have it removed. It doesn't affect her hunting, but she doesn't go for rabbits any longer.

This is Fluff, Lucy's sister. They are both about 14 now I think, but still very sprightly. She has a funny temperament - you have to warn her if you are going to pick her up - especially if you are going to move her somewhere else. If you just pick her up she will have you! She is too handy with her claws, this one.

This is Amber, who is such a pretty puss-cat. She came to us for help when her owner went into a nursing home and three cats were abandoned. We took them all in, but the other two, Timmy and the first Snowy, have passed on now.

Here is Gypsy, who knows she shouldn't be on the table (but does anyway!). like all cats, if you have a recipe spread out, or a book open, they cannot resist sitting in the middle of it, all the better to help you. Darling Snowy had a PhD in this! Gypsy has managed to get the loose recipe AND the open book to keep her derriere warm!


  1. Jings - they must cost a fortune to keep and look after!

    Lucy reminds me of a cat who lived beside us in our old house - she was a ferocious hunter too. Her name was Lucky but I called her 'Black Death'

    Nice snaps for a cold day. I'm just waiting for my big bro to arrive then we're off to Bamburgh Castle for the afternoon.

  2. Gorgeous pride you've got there! Lucy looks incredibly like our Maisie (who is also a demon hunter).

    We have a 'curtailed' cat too. Barney. Not that it seems to bother him. He still waves his little stump around with pride.

  3. Al - you're right there. We never went out looking for them - they just came to us or, as with Ban, "happened" - she was SO WEE I couldn't leave her on the side of the lane . . .

    AJ - aha - doppleganger cats!

  4. What an interesting crew of cats. I daresay we get the ones we're meant to have--we don't choose, they arrive--to be housed, fed, vetted, tided, fretted over and loved.

  5. What a fine collection you have! All looking so well and contented too. I am convinced that some of us have a sign outside the front gate , visible only to cats, which reads " Home Comforts Here - Free to All!".

    Doesn`t your Banshee look like our Lucy and MM`s Willis? Gypsy could be our old Brandy Snap`s sister.

  6. Lovely cats! I would love to have cats again but the current dogs aren't safe with them...sigh.

  7. What gorgeous cats! As I scrolled down I kept thinking "that one's the prettiest, no, that one..." I love the last photograph - you can almost see the purr.

  8. I love the Brotherly Love shot ...bless them. We have 18 plus Marvin, our green house cat, who visits now and then. I love them all ... some were chosen, some chose us and some were rescued/cat napped ...I love them all..... yes it does cost a lot ...but its worth it. Your feline family are beautiful.