Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Arrival . . .

One of our regular customers for water outside the gate . . .

Well, our holiday seems just a pleasant memory already. OH and I are laid low with germs caught in Foreign Parts . . . I have to say, as one who NEVER has a headache, the one which accompanies this current Bug is a blighter and even Ibuprofen struggles to cosh it.

The rain it is falling, the wind is picking up and the big old pine tree across the lane is starting to thresh its branches and leaves are fluttering along the lanes and fields. The plans I made yesterday to carry on tidying up the garden, have now been abandoned in favour of drier indoor pursuits. I have washed, measured and cut up a gallon of crab apples for wine, and these are now releasing their juices into a gallon of cold water in my brewing bin. Now I have to save up for 3 1/2 lbs of Demerara sugar . . .

I have plans to start a Christmas present for one of my daughters today, so I will go and look for the x-stitch design I know I still have (being a hoarder).

As for the photos, I have SO many I had better try and post twice a day or it will be next month before I share them all with you. We stopped just outside Wimborne for some fresh air, at Badbury Rings, a favourite place of ours when we lived in Dorset. The National Trust have made it a bit more "orderly" since we still lived in the county, fencing things off and putting out picnic tables . . . We preferred it wild and woolly. The drive up beneath the double row of 365 massive beech trees takes some beating, although there are quite a few gaps which were the result of the hurricane back in 1987, as well as deliberate fellings of diseased trees since then. HERE is a link to photos of the wonderful avenue.

On our first full day in the Forest, we had a gentle amble along a route well-known to us.

And also drove to the nearest town for a newspaper and some food for the week.On the way home we found ourselves involved in a little vintage car rally.

It was a couple of days before the sunshine caught up with us, so these photos look a bit moody and monotone.

Some of the wildings apples and crab apple trees which we harvested to bring home with us for wine and jelly making.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, and that the National Trust has "tidied" up Badbury Ring, we like our sites wild and wooly too.

  2. Hope the germs are not of long duration--it sounds like a good day to be inside.

  3. oh dear, i hope you will be feeling better soon. love that photo under the trees, like a fairy pathway, so difficult to capture scenes like that on camera.