Monday 31 October 2011

Curtain making

What do you do when you can't sleep? After an hour or so, I usually get up and get on with some work - quite often ironing, as that keeps me warm too. The clocks went back on Saturday and I was looking forward to an extra hour's sleep. A black hairy cat woke me a around 3 a.m. (before clock changing). By the time I'd taken her downstairs and got my feet cold, I was fully awake. I tried to get back to sleep but gave up and went downstairs and decided I would make a start on the new winter curtains for the sitting room. I had found some material I'd forgotten buying )when I was searching for Great Uncle George's WW1 medals which OH had decided to "put somewhere safe" and we haven't found that safe place yet . . .)

So, using material I'd bought as a remnant (£8 or £10 or so I think) from the Fabric Warehouse (which shut down a couple of years back, and is much lamented), and a pair and a bit of the orange 50p curtains from a recent Lidl sale, I set to and made a good start on the first curtain. I carried on working on it throughout the day, and it was finished by teatime yesterday.

Seams pinned.

I'll post another picture when they're finished and hanging.


  1. I love that fabric, it will be warm and cosy looking as well as actually providing more insulation.

  2. I like the swirly design on the fabric--rather 'Jacobean' [?] Is the color more toward the orange or a deep coral in real life?
    I have made the curtains for our various houses over the years and have found some lovely 'decorator fabrics' at sales--it sometimes means being quite creative as there is no more of a particular fabric to be found.
    I'm now using a pair I crafted for the doorway between back entry and kitchen/dining area in our last Wyoming home as curtains to pull across the sliding door here--have noticed the lining is drooping. One of those lilttle things that annoys me but is rather far down the 'fix' list.
    I admire that you can get at something useful on a sleepless night--I huddle with a book and cats.

  3. Hello both. It reminds me of a Jacobean design too - the sort that is normally embroidered in strong colours onto plain material (something I've always fancied trying). The colour is nearer coral than orange - I suppose terracotta is the nearest, but it suits our similarly-coloured walls perfectly. I intend to get started on the pair to it today (1st November) and get them hung by the weekend. Then I want to try and revamp the beautiful (but outer edges faded) ones I have up. They're a William Morris pattern and SO pretty. I may cut and turn the inner edges, so to speak, to hide the faded border. Or add a strip from more 50p orange Lidl curtains!!!

  4. I am absolutely amazed by this BB. I couldn't make a pair of curtains in broad daylight - how you can start them in the middle of the night I will never know.

  5. I'm normally an early bird Weaver, but this summer my waking hours have been up the creek due to this repeating chest infection so I've had some lie-ins too. I must confess, 3.30ish would normally knock me for six, but because I was largely sitting down to sew these, I managed to stay upright - until it was time for Downton Abbey : (

  6. True orange as a color is too bright for my fancy, but terra cotta has the warmth subdued to an earthy richness that I really appreciate. When I have a good quality fabric that I love, I really try to find ways to repurpose it--or parts there-of when its original use wears out.

  7. Lovely curtains BB. They look warm and just the right kind of fabric for your farmhouse windows.

    What do I do if I can`t sleep? Read, read and read some more, until I go back to sleep again!

  8. I also love that fabric! Can't wait to see pics of them finished and hanging. I have fabric for curtains that have been waiting now for 2 years - maybe this will inspire me!

    There's a giveaway on my blog right now too!


  9. You'll get there Dianne. I've had this fabric for about 5 or 6 years now, and got it originally to reupholster a chair! I've entered your giveaway, so fingers crossed!

    DW - reading is what I used to do, but since marrying my darling man, I daren't read in bed in the wee small hours for fear of waking him up . . .

    MM - I'm not keen on true orange either (unless it's in the garden). As I get older though, I like brighter and warmer colours.