Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Catching up with friends . . .

On the cusp of the Dorset border, we stopped again, to meet up with a dear friend. We wandered across a meadow, so peaceful, and on the other side was a lake . . .

a peaceful one, a magical hidden spot.

Two little girls played in their den . . .

and my husband was pleased to relax in the sunshine . . .

And somewhere, a friend was fishing . . .

And another good friend was such good company. It was good to meet up again. Cheers Danette!


  1. Your K. has such a plesant face! I think this stop-over visit was a joy to everyone involved.

  2. Well MM, I think so, but then I am a tad biased!

    Kath - yup, it was!

  3. Beatiful pictures, my dear and your banner brings back happy memories of a perfect day.xxx

  4. ps, the little cottage in your earlier post looks ideal for a very small family with lots of ponies. Is it abandoned :D