Sunday, 2 October 2011

Getting away . . .

Just LOOK at the amazing art work of these Medieval hinges . . .

We began our holiday last week (which was partly a working one, as we were house-sitting and animal-sitting for a friend) by stopping off in Wells on the way. OH wanted to explore after I had told him how beautiful the city and Cathedral were from my visit back in the spring. It didn't disappoint and to our delight, it was the day for a street market which had some wonderful stalls. We wished we'd had the money to buy some of the gorgeous spun glass balls and baubles, and loved an antiques/collectables stall where we did part with a little cash to start off some Christmas shopping (just a stocking filler). There was a stall selling wonderfully fresh pots of herbs (mine have all gone totally over now) and other stalls selling local produce.

OH loved the Cathedral, as I knew he would, and we sneaked in some backstage internal photos this time. Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell! We still didn't have time to fit in a visit to the Museum or to visit the Bishop's Palace as we only had enough change for an hour's parking, but there is always Next Time.
The Cathedral from the edge of the Close.

Above and below - I loved the fanlight above this door. A beautiful Regency cottage in the Close.

The fabulous stairway and fan vaulting of the Chapter House steps, leading to the circular Chapter House. This dates from 1306. History of Wells Cathedral HERE.

This little chap was carved into the bottom of a pillar at the entrance to the stairway above.

Looking through a window at the top of the Chapter House steps out onto the Museum and the School of Music.

Market Stall selling a profusion of herbs.

Looking down the street from the market. Further down there is a water running by the kerbside, just as it does in Cheap Street, Frome (only there the runnel is in the centre of the street).

You can see the water in this view. The creamy coloured stone marks the entrance to the Bishop's Palace.

Market cross or butter cross, I'm not sure which.

Tomorrow - meeting with friends and ever onwards . . .


  1. That medieval door with its ironwork is phenomenal! I visited Wells many years ago and would like to go back again - and maybe take in Glastonbury at the same time.

  2. Each time you post about one of your outings I wish that I could go along. We don't have such antiquities and beautiful architecture in this rather "new" country of America.
    The herbs on that stall look so fresh one can nearly smell them from here!

  3. Wow that old door is stunning!

  4. A wonderful walk around Wells. Happy memories.....