Wednesday 28 November 2012

Off on my travels

You will have to bear with me a while as I am off on my travels tomorrow, journeying (by coach) up to see our eldest daughter in Sheffield, and to celebrate her birthday.  We are to have a day out in York, so I will have to try and clear lots of old photos off my early blog so I can post photos of York and York Minster on my return.

Whilst the West Country, North Wales and the Midlands are practically floating away with the dreadful floods, for once our neck of the woods escaped lightly.  I feel for the families and folk who have lost so much in the flooding.  It is hard to imagine until it happens to you, and I hope I will never experience it.

I am half-dreading the journey, because I am lugging a heavy suitcase with me (half full of presents - but then think how light it will be on the return journey next Monday!)  There is only one change of coach, so that is bearable, and I shall pack a good book and my crochet.  (I am making cushion covers and currently doing the first of two backs). I hope I get a window seat . . .

In the meantime I have been listing a few more things on eBay, to try and raise a bit more money towards Christmas, but I had a very unhappy experience on there recently with the Buyer from Hell, and although the case has just been closed and I have not been found liable (so my money apparently refunded - it had been "held" pending the result),   I keep expecting to hear a mistake has been made, and I will have to forfeit my money after all AND the buyer gets to keep the article in question.  However, just reading about it again has made me feel so sick, as I was completely innocent and the Buyer from Hell lied and lied.  Now with everything I sell, I half-expect someone to come and tell lies and say it wasn't as described, and say they sent me emails when they certainly didn't.  Stupid, I know, but when someone is lieing and calling YOU a liar, and making things up that you cannot prove or disprove, it is a horrid feeling.  The total INJUSTICE of it.  I know this will strike a bell with one or two of my readers on here, and it brings to mind our own family problems in recent times.

Anyway, I am hoping that York won't get flooded as we arrive although I think it is pretty damp up there.  I'll be back Monday evening.  In the meantime, keep safe, dry and warm.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you had an awful E-bay experience. I had a friend who went through a similar experience and it really blew her confidence in the whole process.
    Hope that you have a wonderful time with your daughter. Jx

  2. Now I shall have to do a bit of look-up on York--I can think only of the War of Roses at the moment and some character who held the fastness of the North [?]
    Yes--there are many false accusations----and the lack of fair resolution can leave one very jaded. The defensive position is never an easy one to sustain--because usually one hasn't expected false charges and hedged against such.
    Do have a good time with T,--I hope there are several enjoyable outings and decent weather.

  3. (Hugs BB)

    What goes around comes around - I am just so sorry that you have had to go through it. The universe will intervene. You just enjoy your few days with T and relax a few days away will do you and T good.

    Safe journey


  4. Safe journey BB, and hopefully York is not too flooded. Rotten news about the person on Ebay, perhaps her lies will catch up with her one day. xx

  5. Have a wonderful time in Yorkshire BB. You deserve a break after all the tribulations of the past year.


  6. Have a nice time away from home. Re the ebay thing - I have a lot more to list but hate doing it and have respect for those who make a living selling bits and bobs. I think the only way to deal with the evilbay weirdos is not to take it personal (I know I do).

  7. Enjoy your trip and try and forget about the ebay pirates!

  8. Ebay went downhill when they changed the feedback system. I buy sometimes but dont sell very often. You can change your listings to only sell 'buy it now' and have lots of good photos of the item, then people cant say its not represented well. The stuff I buy all says no returns, so I guess each side takes a chance. Here in the US we have a thing called Craigs List which is alot like the classifieds in the newspaper but free to list. You take your chances but its a great way to sell things that arent very shippable and you can go see it in person before handing over the cash. It started by one guy who didnt like the paper and now is all over the whole country organized by city. You could start one there and end up rich! Enjoy your trip! and Merry Christmas