Friday 2 November 2012

One room living - it must be winter!

Although there are still leaves on the trees (unless they are Ash trees, that is), winter is fast approaching and on Monday we decided to have a few hours out before the weather took a real turn for the worse.  We drove down to Narberth, a busy little Pembrokeshire town with views towards the Preseli Mountains.  We looked in a couple of charity shops and my husband found a pair of slightly-too-long brand new Hawkshead cargo trousers - just what he needed.  We had a look around the Museum, although I have to say that the price of entry was a little more than the exhibits warranted.

Here's a photo of one of their photos showing a saddler selling his wares in the weekly market around the time of the First World War I'd say.

We looked in the antiques centre too, but nothing to greatly tempt either of us, though I did like a Lemon and Crute (Torquay) bowl with a bird on it.  (Too dear though for my pocket though).  As we half-suspected, we also found the set of four kitchen chairs we had to sell through the car boot sale back in the summer, for a "dealer price" (e.g. same as at auction) and now being offered for 3 times what we got for them.  It made me rather despondent, but then as my OH said, they actually bought 3 1/2 chairs as one had a dodgy back which he'd had to repair so someone will get a shock when they lean back too far one day and the back breaks off!

We then drove back to Laugharne to deliver an old ironing board, and sleeve-ironing board and some magazines to the 1940s Museum, where they will be of more use to them than in our junk room.  The Museum folk (Simon and Min) were delighted, and we are pleased they will be appreciated.

Now we are down to one-room-living again as we simply cannot afford to heat the house at all this winter.  We can run the Hergom stove in the kitchen now and again, but unless we suddenly inherit a fortune, when the oil runs out, that's it.  The woodpile looks good at the moment, but it won't last if we are burning it all day long. 

Anyway, today the sitting room turned into the kitchen, as I peeled potatoes, peeled and chopped two big pans of apples for pies, mixed the ingredients for a big cake, etc.  I've been shortening trousers too and this evening I have my crochet to look forward to.  So our winter routine is back.


  1. Your winter routine sounds good to me. Incidentally I am crocheting an Afghan blanket at the moment - keeps me warm while I am doing it too.

  2. Oh you are so right, I am camped out in the kitchen/dining room while Husband is away. No point in heating the whole house. Come 8pm I am under the duvet watching a DVD with the dogs :-)

  3. Sounds so very delightful to me, BB. This weekend, I have some cakes to bake, and maybe some jams to do, and heat up the house.I also have a few books I purchased today from the library book sale, I really don't need any more books!
    We have been told by my natural gas provider, that our therms delivery and prices have drop quite a bit this year, so I am glad about that. It is supposed to be a warm winter, but we need rain and moisture so very bad. One mans need is another mans gift.
    Not to be noisy or anything, but do you heat by oil? In Britian, and in Wales, do you only get one purchase of oil and then that is it? I am just very curious how your country heats homes? Again, not to be noisy.We have natural gas here, and in parts of our state, there is oil fueled furnaces. A lot of homes have wood burners, which I am going to work to get a small one put in hopefully in 2013.
    Have a wonderful, warm weekend, BB.

  4. Ah yes, the winter 'reality' and change of routine. Some rooms that are never truly warm till Spring. I can relate. The heat bills are shocking (even with the thermo at basic warmth settings). The old girls (farm) has all it's 142 year old windows. They remain because I love them in their beauty of original wood casings and wavy glass. And surprisingly when I ran the numbers of 'new windows' vs heat costs (even if I was willing to rip them out - gasp) I'd have to be 25 years old to pay off the costs of replacing all 24 windows to live long enough to see the eventual savings, lol

    I've today finished hanging the last of the heavy winters drapes (need a nap now, lol). Amazing tho how that helps defend against drafts.

    Something I have found (if you can lay your hands on such) which I adore in the winters are the electic warming 'throw' blankets Not full bed, size but just the size of a throw with electric warmth, same as the full bed elec blankets. I'd never seen one before a couple of years ago. Wonderful for sitting and being truly comfy wilst reading, knitting, having a coffee on the sofa etc. Best of all only pennies on the meter to run cost wise for hours/days/weeks of snuggly warmth! (on the grid here anyway - I know that can vary greatly tho by state and/or country.

    Spring will come :-) (tho I wish she'd take the express train and not dilly dally as she's wont to do here in NY, lol)

    Hugs and warm wishes (or rather wishes for warmth? lol)


  5. There is something cosy in 'one room living', though that run to an icy cold bedroom at nighttime takes some beating. When I was a child no central heating, ice inside the windows and baths where you froze pretty quickly even though the water started out hot.
    Anyway keep warm and leave the rest of the house to sleep quietly. X

  6. Enjoyed your post of your day out and about and the lovely word pictures you paint. One room living in the Winter actually sounds cozy and right out of a Rosamunde Pilcher novel - loved it!

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