Monday, 28 January 2013

Back to rain

I am very relieved, in a way, that the cold spell has passed and whilst we were barely affected by the snow - just a smidgen on the fields around us and more on the surrounding hills - the house temperature dropped to about 11 degrees away from the fire, and that is chilly. Now we are back to rain.

Anyway, I have some indoor craft jobs to do which will more than keep me busy this coming week.  I am still restoring the 1930s rocking chair (£1 at the boot sale recently!) - have repainted it in ivory, made a new cushion and now need to do the rest of the reupholstery using the last of a bolt of upholstery material a neighbour gave us.

Then yesterday I got a really good bargain - a huge suitcase and contents.  Contents were a huge piece of pre-quilted material - big enough to make a throw for a king sized bed; single piece ditto; some wool and a 3/4 finished crochet cushion cover, and cylinder type cushion cover to go inside it.  All for £5.  I am currently doing the first edging on the king size piece - trimming, pinning and then I will slip-stitch it.  The only problem is I lay it out over the kitchen table and across the chair backs and Theo then makes a bed in the middle.  I have told him if he is patient I will make cat beds from the offcuts but he doesn't believe me!  When I remove him, he then goes into the hall and uses the long Medieval style table my husband made as a playground, knocking off everything that was carefully put on the top . . .

Anyway, I have been in the internet cafe for about an hour now, so I shall return home and do some work.  Hopefully I shall be able to pop in tomorrow.  Many thanks to those of you who are keeping in touch with me by snail mail - it is wonderful to hear from you, and great when the posty leaves me letters in the old bread bin by the front door.


  1. Aha! Cats in the quilting projects--its a good thing we love them so dearly.
    Book parcel off to you today, no mean feat as J. apparently had a tidying fit yesterday and burned up the box I had ear-marked for mailing. I can only hope after wrestling with tape--getting my hair caught in it, etc, that the thing will actually arrive to your breadbox in due season.

  2. Will also send off my book soon, perhaps you can write to your MP about how post offices are closing down at a great pace, we have to drive out to the country to post parcels ;) it's ridiculous, our MP did try but sadly failed to get one close by....

  3. What amazing bargains you find! When you say the material is pre-quilted do you mean that someone has spent hours doing it and it's somehow ended up in a suitcase? It's incredible.

    So glad you're keeping in touch. Looking forward to having you back properly.

  4. Good to hear you are keeping busy - and goodness me, what bargains you get.

  5. Some great bargains Jenni. Can't wait to see what you have done with the rocking chair.

  6. Arggh! Just lost everything I'd written as google was signed in under someone else's name! That's the trouble of using A.N. Other computer.

    MM - bless you - can't wait for the thud of carefully-wrapped book in my bread bin! Young Theo is very full of beans and his favourite new trick is to slide from one end of the long refectory table in the hall to the other, so everything in his way goes for a burton!

    Thelma - bless you too. I would go loopy without my friends. Both our local P.O./shops are community run now. The way of things in the country I fear.

    Em - it was just factory machine-quilted material, but I'm not proud! Have done 3 sides of the king size quilt now and hope to finish it today, for one of the spare rooms.

    Weaver - January is a good month for catching up with those long-overdue jobs. The weather is NOT conducive to doing ANYTHING outside right now!

    Kath - I will provide before and after photos in due course. It's painted now, and I've made the loose cushion for it, so just have to reupholster the top half.

  7. Glad your keeping busy snow or rain.
    When it is really hot in the summer and the only place to be is in a air conditioned home, that is when I work on all the projects I have set aside. It is very funny to works on Christmas cards when it is 105 outside.
    Hope your repair men come soon, 1st of February right ?

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Hello BB, it`s so good to know that you have lots of projects to keep you sane while you have been out of contact with the outside world. Your suitcase full of quilting and crochet sounds a perfect way to spend time by the fire.

    Hoping that BT get their act together VERY soon! xx