Saturday, 19 January 2013


Just dashing through quickly.  Some of you know we have been without a phone line since 22/12/2012 - a month now.

Although we are now a priority case with BT, and are being "escalated" daily, we are no nearer getting the line fixed and can only communicate with the outside world by letter, or by hanging out of the attic window to try and get a mobile signal.  I have now learned how to text . . .

I have just emailed our MP, from desperation, so let us hope something will start moving soon.

Missing everyone and I would love to share recent photos with you.  We had our 25th wedding anniversary last week and went into England for the day and visited Lacock Abbey.  We had beautiful weather and thoroughly enjoyed our day out.

Now there is snow on the ground, but we were fortunate in being on the edge of the weather front and just have a smidgin.  Elsewhere in Wales folk are badly affected and snowed in.  Our cupboards are full, fortunately - we just stocked up on cat food.

Back when I can - this is sent from an internet cafe . . .


  1. Glad you are OK was wondering whether you have been affected by the snow. Will write again shortly.

  2. Thank goodness for internet cafes BB! You must be SO frustrated at the length of time BT is taking to fix your line.

    Thank you for your letter. A reply will be with you soon.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos of Lacock Abbey. It`s a beautiful place.

    Take care in the snow and keep warm. DWxx

  3. Sorry about that phone connection - that is altogether too bad.
    Glad to hear you are contacting your MP - we have to stand up for our rights.
    Snow here - about three inches and falling as I write - icy too.

  4. I am so glad you are ok. I was going to email you.
    I have a history book here I can send you on how to send native american indian smoke signals, or send Navy signals with flags.
    Take care, and hopefully you will get communications soon.
    We will take your snow, we are in very extreme drought here and need it so bad.

  5. Lovely to hear from you at last! Happy anniversary.

    Our neighbours have been in dispute with BT since July when Ia lightening strike messed up the whole area. They lost their phone for three months and it still keeps dropping out. I heard from an ex-BT employee that 'communication is not great in the company'......a bit of a worry really....B.noT.

  6. Glad to see you back, if only for a short while, hope your phone resurfaces.
    Happy Anniversary as well, X

  7. Happy Anniversary but sorry you have no phone.
    Good that you don't have a ton of snow bad you have no internet. Good cupboard is full especially with cat food.

    Be safe and warm
    cheers, parsnip

  8. Glad to hear you're ok although sorry to hear about the phoneline. The rabbits eat my parents' phoneline regularly. It had gone dead when we visited nearly 3 weeks ago and even with my mother (84) just out of hospital it took them two weeks to come out and a whole day to fix it. Happy anniversary and I look forward to seeing your photos in hopefully the near future.

  9. It must be incredibly frustrating - hope you get your phone line fixed soon.

    Happy Anniversary and look forward to seeing the photos as soon as BT have got their act together.

  10. you live in a place I can only imagine. smaller than my USA. Cozy and antiquity close at hand.

    hoping you phone service will soon return

  11. Lovely to hear from you all. I have come out to make contact with the outside world again and get an Internet Fix!

    Now my printer isn't working (won't accept the cheap ink cartridge I put in this morning - despite having used this type before). So WD, could you please tell Jude that I shall now have to copy out by hand the 5 page letter I typed up but cannot print! Arggggggggh!

    BT texted me to say they were going to phone me this morning. Sure - that means I stand in front of an attic window (no heating) for 2 hours waiting for them to say nothing is happening. Plan B?