Thursday 31 January 2013

Trying to be patient

Just a quick gallop through to say thank you for snail mail, texts, carefully-orchestrated mobile conversations in unheated icy bedrooms (mine!) and for your kind thoughts.  As an Aries, patience is a virtue which does not come easily to me.  In fact, I don't really possess an iota of it, to be truthful.  You can then imagine how difficult it is for me to wait for BT to finally resurrect our line.  The 8th February can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.  They have told my MP that they have diverted any incoming calls to my mobile, so they obviously think they have done their duty.  Since we have house walls three feet thick and live in an area of very poor mobile reception, this is not a lot of use to us!

I do hope that the "circle of three" - as in things going wrong  - isn't starting all over again, as we have just had to have the plumber out to replace a length of ancient copper pipe in the kitchen which had been worn very thin from years of contact with acidic water flowing through it, and had started hissing and leaking.  These things are sent to try us.

I have now created a new bedspread from the large piece of factory pre-quilted material I got at the weekend, and have enough for pillow sham FRONTS, so I shall cheat and just have a plain white pillowcase behind them I think.  Leftovers have so far made a very thrown-together bed for little Banshee, who thinks it is Christmas all over again as she likes to be warm.

MANY many thanks to Thelma for the loan of the McFarlane book (though just a brief glimpse at it has underlined the fact I shall have to buy my own copy).  I shall look after it carefully and cannot WAIT to get back this afternoon and start reading it properly.  As for the Blue-Face Border Leicester wool, I just can't wait to spin it and was amazed at how soft it was.  I feel thoroughly spoilt today.

I spent the morning at our local horse sale.  Not many horses forward, but one pen of wee Shetlands who were packed in like sardines.  Some of the other horses had obviously been left there overnight, judging by the mire underfoot in their pens, but at least hay had been provided (though no sign of any water . . .)  I spent my time at the tack auction though, so I can't report what sort of prices the ponies made - very low ones, if recent prices were anything to go by.

I had sunshine for my journey, and it was lovely being on top of Llanllwni Mountain (think big hills really), though it was too misty to see as far as the Cambrian Mountains or back across to the Brecon Beacons.  The sun shining on the soft grey-gold of the mountain grass was so pretty.  I admit to parking up in the little layby by the Laburnums, just to sit and relax.  The Laburnum trees beside me started off as fencing poles when wood was in great demand (WW1) and had put out roots and grown well.  Not the best thing to have around a field for stock though, as their seeds are poisonous.

I will be back tomorrow afternoon, if all goes to plan.


  1. How interesting about the laburnhams taking root, I didn't realise it was that easy to root them.

  2. You describe your journey across the sunlit hills so well. I can imagine the photographs!

    Sorry to hear about the leaky pipe in the kitchen.

  3. What I wish to know BB is will BT charge you for all the weeks you have not had broadband?

  4. Hope so!I'll keep everything crossed for you.

  5. Hi Jennie, written a reply on my blog, in a nutshell glad you got the book that was quick! No we are not coming in March that is just my untidy writing but keep the book till we do. Try spinning the wool, I'll get you some more if you want, it was just to improvise on the packaging.....

  6. Kath - neither did the farmers!

    DW - I try to take pleasure in small things, although views are a BIG thing to me.

    Weaver - well, we have been advised to pay the bills as normal (spit!) and then it will be adjusted when it comes to compensation. It had better be so, and a goodly amount of compensation at that.

    Em - thanks. I have gotten into a routine now, but it's costing us a fortune in stamps and on the mobile (though on the up side, I have now learned how to use it properly and TEXT!) Oh, and fuel to drive to the internet cafe to use the computer.

    Thelma - It is a WONDERFUL book and I must now get myself a copy. Looking forward to seeing you when you ARE in our neck of the woods. Will try and spin the wool this weekend - that's the sort of packing I love!