Tuesday, 22 January 2013

S.M.S. (Save My Sanity!)

Well, as per the title, in the interests of saving my sanity, I have decided to use the internet cafe daily.  I need to keep in touch with my friends - family I can just about contact if I hang out of the attic window, phone them two rings, cancel and then they phone me back.

Anyway, we have finally been given a date for the telephone pole to be replaced (8th February) but I'm not holding my breath.  There was no assurance that the line would be restored at the same time but it had jolly well better be - I shall be down there to make sure it does!  This has seemingly come about because I contacted our MP (Jonathon Edwards) by e-mail from the internet cafe last week, and a friend of mine, who BT seem to be dealing with in preference to me after she has been trying to get them to deal with my case, mentioned that I had contacted our MP.  Within half an hour, we had a voicemail and a date.

Anyway, watch this space.  I will be coming here daily, but don't like to appropriate the one computer here all day long, so it is just a short visit.  Right now, I would like nothing more than a complete morning's indulgence, catching up on everyone's news.  I shall try and go to a different couple of blogs each day, and keep up with your news that way.

Meanwhile, this won't do.  I need to research something about Edward Thomas - though I suspect the only chance I get of seeing the manuscripts I need is to have a vacation in Vancouver, B.C. where they are held . . .

Back tomorrow.  Keep warm all of you in the snow (we are green, but hills around us have a sprinkling of snow still).


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  2. So glad you have been given a date by BT (shows the influence of writing to MP's!!) but what a long way away :(

    Must admit I would really miss my internet access and really feel for you.

  3. Hope you get your line back soon. Feb 8th must seem a long way off right now. Re Edward Thomas - have you seen Robert MacFarlane's book 'The Old Ways'? He mentions Edward Thomas a lot and is obviously a great admirer.

  4. yes so would I, with my Husband away so much, I really rely on it to keep in touch (and with no TV, keep entertained!).

  5. It is so good to see you getting back, if only via the internet cafe. If you want the Macfarlane's book, I'll send it to you...
    Must admit the internet went into the cottage just before Xmas trying with a dongle was useless, we would have had to hang the computer out the attic window as well to get a signal!

  6. If the weather wasn't bad enough you have to contend with this too.
    I have a running battle with my internet/cable company and next month I will be looking into satellite. I despise "comcast" so much. Money is spent on everything but the customers. Where I live I don't have a choice it is "comcast" or nothing and my bill keeps going up.

    Keep warm and NO hanging out attic windows !

    cheers, parsip

  7. I sincerely hope that BT do stick to their date!

    Thank you for visiting my blog BB. It`s great to have you back again.

    I have read so many reviews praising the Robert Macfarlane book and I`m looking forward to reading at some point this year.

  8. Glad your MP listened! We are awash with slushy snow on top of thick ice and just about functioning. With more forecast for tonight I'm not holding out a lot of hope for tomorrow's important 9.00am meeting!

  9. Hi BB

    Nice to hear that you are in the land of the living although going slightly stir crazy without your favourite fix - it did me when we were without. Hope that you get sorted soon and hope that you are okay and so much to catch up on. Having you been crafting instead of surfing and how has Theo settled in. Hopefully catch up soon. Till then deep breaths and start counting very slowly until the 8th February and if you are still not connected by then "throttle em".

    Take care honey - its not the same without you on the net



  10. How frustrating for you BB. We are pretty much hemmed in by snow here in the Yorkshire Dales, and my blogging friends are definitely keeping me going, so I do sympathise. Keep struggling on.

  11. I have now had TWO letters from the House of Commons, so can definitely say contacting my MP was worth it. Action now (date) and I have a personal e-mail addy for a Top Bod to deal with it.

    Rowan - thanks for mentioning the MacFarlane book, and Thelma - wouldn't say no to the loan of it, ta muchly.

    Everyone else - great to hear from you - in a screaming hurry today as BT supposed to be phoning me (ha!) - only if I stand in front of the icy attic window for 2 hours . . . - and my OH is sat patiently waiting for me to finish.

  12. The same thing happened to us when we lived on Anglesey. Took over three weeks to get a new phone line in and then when I phoned up for compensation (which you are entitled too) a 'charming' woman in India sneered at me and said that BT would be charging me as it was my equipment causing the problem!!
    Considering they had to repair three miles of telephone wire and all my neighbours were having problems I gave her short shift.
    What I'm trying to say is that BT will owe you money at the end of this for not repairing your line within a certain number of days. I didn't pay a phone bill for months after they made the repair

  13. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with BT. We had line problems early in the week and it was fixed quickly. Our neighbours have a business though so that may be the reason. I hope you get sorted soon.

    I heard today that it was green over your part of the country, we have had loads of snow and it is minus 9 tonight.

  14. Love your beautiful snowy header! Sorry to hear of the troubles you're having and hopefully all will be restored soon. Somehow it all sounds quite political! ;-) Look forward to catching up on your blog and hope all else is well there.


  15. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

    sharie - we have raised the matter of compensation, but apparently nothing can be put in place until we are fixed. Meanwhile they are quite happy to take money from our account to pay for the broadband we haven't had...

    Cait - we are the last person on that line, so they won't put themselves out just for ONE household.

    SH - snowy header needs to be changed to a rainy, river-in-spate one now! BT are just absolutely USELESS . . .