Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Back from my travels

Just reporting in to let you know I am back from Hampshire, where I gave my Edward Thomas talk, which i was satisfied with.  They all thought I was a teacher "in real life"!!

I had a lovely break, with good friends, and I was "back home" (though we have been here 25 years, sad to say I have never really felt like I belonged here).

I have about 60 photos to share with you but the computer is being moody and constipated again, keeps telling me my virtual memory is very low, and despite my efforts to solve this, I have a feeling a new computer is necessary.  Hmmmmm.

I will try and post some photos later.  Meanwhile I am having to rest up as my Pleurisy is still rumbling round, and any gardening absolutely floors me - like suddenly having flu, with shivering, and feeling absolutely lousy.  I have a pile of books, however . . .

The new header photo, incidentally, is the wonderful kitchen at Avebury Manor.  I stopped for about 2 hours at Avebury on the way down to the New Forest, just to charge my physical and spiritual batteries.  I can say it really worked!


  1. That kitchen is enough to raise anyone's spirits - particularly when all one has to do is admire it rather than work in it. Beautiful.

  2. Glad you feel re-charged, hopefully the sunshine will give you a further boost. Take it easy and enjoy your books :-)

  3. I'm delighted that your presentation went well. I wish I could have popped across the ocean to hear it!
    Do rest up with your books now that you are home again--you have to come down gently from the 'high' of the weekend!

  4. What a very clean kitchen it is. Beautiful but if that was my washing on the left, it would be black with soot sitting so near to the range!

    So sorry you're still feeling so rubbish. I'm sure you'll get there but the journey is not a pleasant one. Lots of reading and rest and minimal gardening. That's difficult with the weeds spurting inches overnight! x

  5. So glad your talk went well. Love the new header photo - great kitchen :) We went to Avebury a few years ago - beautiful and a very good place to recharge batteries - so atmospheric.

    Do hope you feel a bit better soon. Try and get plenty of rest.

  6. As Em says lots of reading and rest, my computer is also playing up so sympathise greatly (is my spelling going out of the window?). That kitchen looks great, Paul's brother works as a volunteer over the weekend at Avebury Manor, closely bonded to it....Xx

  7. Nice to catch up with you this morning! I love the kitchen in the header...oh my how I would love that! Hope you're feeling better now...