Thursday, 9 May 2013


Isn't this granny square blanket absolutely WONDERFUL?  No need to ask where I found it . . .  It was definitely my lucky day though!

Above and below are close ups.  The lady that made this was a superb craftswoman, with infinite patience too.  There must be hundreds of these little squares in the blanket, and then when she's used the black wool to crochet it together, she put a fringe on three sides.

I have to say I am NOT in the same league. The skirt I unpicked is now being turned into a lap quilt, all summery colours.  Bear with me, as I have been doing several other things craft-wise too, so it will be a while before it is finished . . .

Here is some recent inspiration.  All of a sudden I got my crafting muse back and a couple of craft books I have picked up have had me champing at the bit to make everything in them, which is good in a way (if totally impractical!)

I have been trying to publish these photos for a couple of weeks now, but the computer has terminal constipation and only today have I finally had success . . .

I have been collecting all sorts of material in my travels, and gradually building up a better stash for patchwork again.  Some I have actually bought, but much has come from car boot sales.  Pure cotton frocks, unpicked, help the stash no end.


  1. I admire the lady who made that stunning bed cover; I am glad it is safe in your hands now. How good you are picking up patchwork materials.

  2. Lovely crochet! My Gran made dozens of these, one for everyone in the family.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you make with your paper pieced patchwork. To me, using recycled fabrics is the true spirit of patchworking.

  3. What a fabulous piece of crochet - very inspirational! J

  4. Nice find BB and lots of patient work. I look forward to seeing the patchwork as well. I have started collating some shirts for a lap throw, but it is slow going as a lot of the Charity shops charge over £3 a shirt often nearer £5. I am determined it is going to be made of recycled fabrics rather than buying in new and I thought I would use the strip method of building up a square and then building up the quilt from there. I suspect that will be next winter's project though at the rate I am going at the moment it could be the year after. So much to do very little precious time to do it. Although saying that I have been playing with some jewellery kits I had put to one side - a pair of angel earrings and a layered wired bound and bead necklace.

    Take care and I am glad you have your crafting mo jo back. Look forward to the photos



  5. I am intrigued by the paper piecing that you and Kath are doing--but can't quite talk myself into trying it. I seem to be a sewing machine sort of person!
    I made a few crocheted afgans years ago--nothing as nice as your lovely find. I carted odd bits of yarn around through several moves and then one day got rid of the whole tangled mess. So many skills and crafts that I won't have time to learn. Weaving, basketry, pottery--and how I would love to be competant at wood working. Still, it doesnt hurt to read books or admire the work of others.

  6. beautiful blanket jennie, what a find! well done!

    Leanne x

  7. That crochet is HUGE! It must have taken so long to do. You must have been so delighted to find it.

  8. What a beautiful quilt.
    I hope she crocheted it during the winter, that would have been so warm on her lap as she worked.
    I must look up what paper piecing is ?

    cheers, parsnip

  9. parsnip - I agree about keeping warm whilst making it, as that was what I did this winter with the crochet throw for G. Paper piecing is lap sewing at its best - you make up paper templates for your patchwork shapes, tacking the material round the paper, and then piece the design together. Hexagons are the typical English paper piecing design, but you can do it with other shapes too (as I am currently).

    Em - I haven't counted the rows, but there are hundreds of granny squares there. I bet she used up ALL her wool stash on that!

    Leanne - I pounced on it when I saw it, VERY quickly!

    MM - I know - so many skills to learn - I really want to become proficient at basket making, but a one day course wasn't enough. There aren't any local courses - Cardiff is about as local as it gets . . . That's a 2 hour drive each way and a LOT of fuel.

    Pattypan - the patchwork is slowly coming on. I was working on it last night. I seem to have spent more time unpicking/cutting up the clothing I got at the car boot sale than stitching up my project. Car boot sales are probably best for cheap shirts, or ask the charity shop if they have any "out back" which are going for rags. Enjoy your jewellery making. Tam does that too.

    Jan - I think I would be truly daunted by making up something quite that huge! A big lap throw is my limit : )

    Kath - I see you have crafting in the blood then!

    Terra - after NOT feeling at all inclined to sew for a good while now, it is lovely to have my crafting muse return and I really enjoy searching for cotton dresses and tops at the boot sales. The materials are so colourful and different from the standard quilting material in the shops of course.