Friday, 31 May 2013

Busy . . .

 Sturminster Newton Mill, Dorset

Sorry for the long delay between blog postings, but I have been alternately resting and being busy, and now we have our eldest daughter here, which is lovely.    I have been working on various craft projects, including re-rushing a stool with fabric-covered seagrass, which is an incredibly long-winded job and certainly not commercial . . .  Photos to follow. 

I have finally bitten the bullet and bought an external hard drive to accompany my reconditioned stack/hard drive, so I am slowly getting organized.  It took all day to transfer my photos across yesterday.  One more day (or less) of other stuff and I can recycle the old computer (minus hard drive which I shall get my OH to destroy).

Meanwhile, it's off to the car boot sale this morning . . .  We'd have been there much earlier, but we have to take our son into work first . . . at the most inconvenient starting time of 8 a.m.


  1. I do wish I was competent at things like 'hard drive' - you make it all sound so easy, whereas any task on the computer that I do not do at least once a week is a complete no-no for me.
    That stool sounds interesting - I look forward to the photograph. Fabric covering sounds good because in my days of doing such things I always found that seagrass made the fingers so sore.

  2. This is one you simply plug in (and I did have my computer-savvy children on hand to help me!) Tam showed me how to copy files across, so I think I may even manage without her in future!

  3. You won't look back re: the hard drive. This lap top has been life changing!

  4. Good news there then getting computer savvy;) even if the children helped, wish my son was here to sort things....