Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A busy time of things

Nothing exciting to report, as we have had a very busy few days taking the car from garage to garage to have repairs done, new tyres fitted and tracked etc - long story, and a blardy expensive one, I can tell you!  We were haemorhaging money yesterday.  It didn't help that we had a couple of hours to kill whilst the car was in the tyre place (new track rod end needed), so we walked around town, something we don't normally do.  Tea for two (they only do single pots of tea . . .) at M&S was £3.90 which seemed excessive, especially since it wasn't even Twinings Earl Grey (which is what we have at home).  We shan't be going THERE for a cuppa again.  Anyway, we went back later and got a few groceries, and my OH bought me a lovely t-shirt for my birthday (normally I would NEVER spend that much on a t-shirt, so I will have to make it last and last!!)

We wandered down to Poundland and got what we needed there, then TK Maxx, which was fatal, as I couldn't resist a little jade green crackle-glaze ceramic bunny and a bright stripey towel to brighten up the downstairs shower room.  Then we strolled  round the Market, where the display of fruit and veg on one stall was DIRE - with floppy-leaved cabbages and tired past-its-best produce.  After Italy it was a REAL eye-opener I can tell you.  What you want in produce is FRESH.  Anyway, we stocked up later at Abergwili and spent £7.80 on good fresh produce at very good prices.  Ten oranges for £1 and 10 sweet and juicy Clementines were also £1.  A bag of onions 50p, 4 peppers £1.  Cucumbers 50p each or 80p for 2 (I got 4, as I eat a lot of Cucumber).  Lovely vine tomatoes cost me a shade under £1.  Two crisp lettuces were 75p.

I looked at the plants and shrubs on offer from the market stall of Farmyard Nurseries, good prices and lovely plants, but difficult to carry back to the car, so we bought reduced Primulas later on elsewhere, as we had to get compost for sowing seeds, topping up planters and titivating the tired areas of soil in parts of the garden.  I bought half a dozen of the deepest claret red Dianthus too, and in the dimpsey last night, planted them all up in tubs which had been emptied of their winter pansies.  A bit of instant colour to tide me over.

The agent hasn't got back to us yet (but we have been out a lot, in fairness) so we will have to try her again today and see if she actually WANTS to handle our house sale.

Currently planning my birthday bash for next week.  Which shall it be - Snowshill Manor or Kelmscot Manor (this latter house beloved of William Morris)?  Both are in Gloucestershire.  I shall let you know what we decide upon and will try and get back with some photos later.  The main computer has to go back to the repair place as it is threatening to start dumping all the physical memory.   That's not good . . .


  1. Hope you have the Florence photos on a memory stick BB!

    Enjoy your birthday trip to Gloucestershire, wherever you decide to go . I would love to go to Kelmscot......

  2. Goodness so busy.
    I hope the Agent gets back to you soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. DW - um, no . . . Looking forward to our trip out next week anyway (not to mention the nice meal - at home - and wine afterwards!)

    parsnip - she hasn't yet, so I e-mailed her this morning. Perhaps our house isn't smart enough for her company . . .

  4. It's lovely to pot up a few colourful plants, I've just done the same. Estate agents are a pain, I hope your one is not going to be a problem, where we lived before they were a bunch of arrogant twits, so we went with an online estate agent called House Network and did all the viewings ourselves, saved loads of money and sold our house quickly.