Wednesday 9 April 2014

My birthday day out

Yesterday was my birthday, and I always like to celebrate it with a day out somewhere, a special meal (at home) followed by a bottle of wine (usually red).  Yesterday was no different . . .

Here we are on the road between Cynwyl Elfed and Newcastle Emlyn, close to the turning to Tanglwst.

I would love to support wind turbines and wind farms as an alternative energy supply, BUT quite apart from the fact they are totally inefficient and have to be backed up by conventional power stations at all times, they are a blot on the landscape and wreck areas - many of outstanding natural beauty - in their construction, not to mention their impact on wildlife and anyone living near them.  Wind farms need pylons (cheaper than burying cables) to take the electricity to the national grid.  This has another detrimental effect on the landscape.  For a discrete area and small locale of dwellings, they can work, but NOT to supply vast cities and populations.   Denmark, Germany and Spain have all tried it and have NOT made any real impact on reducing reliance on traditional power sources such as gas, coal or nuclear power, nor reduced carbon emissions . . .  Right, I'll get down of my high horse now.

Above and below, the beautiful Presilis in the distance.  In the bottom picture you can see cairns as well as rocky outcrops, not unlike the tors of my beloved Dartmoor.

Carn Ingli (the Mount of the Angels).  After our Finals at Uni, a group of us "mature students" climbed up and sat amongst the rocks, drinking champagne.  Happy times.

Of course, there was an antique shop involved in the equation.  This is one we have been to regularly over the years, and is run by a knowledgable couple who actually know what they are selling, and its value.  Unlike the multi-trader "emporiums" where everyone is trading in "stuff" (mostly china), frequently don't know what it's worth and put a high price on because they are either worried they may sell it too cheaply or just want to try and fleece a gullible (and equally ignorant) Joe Public.  I . . . may . . . have bought some books here . . .  Well, no may about it - I got a hardback copy of Thomas Hardy's Under The Greenwood Tree (I am trying to replace my old paperbacks with good hardback copies), a Folio copy of Flora Thompson's Lark Rise (lovely old photo illustrations), and a big hardback book of the first 4 Poldark novels.  All for £10 . . .

My OH walking back to the car park with the books past the pretty cottages of Newport.  Apparently it's desirable with Londoners now, so prices have rocketed.

I was trying to get the ancient castle walls to the right of this lovely house, but obviously didn't!

Above and below, Carreg Coetan Arthur.  Now in the middle of a small estate of bungalows . . .  In one of my archaeology books there are some photos of this stone with a strange light anomaly.  It is a Neolithic dolmen or burial chamber and had a cremation and sherds of Beaker and Grooved Ware pottery associated with it.

Then it was time for some proper sea air, and we walked a short stretch of the coast path.


  1. Many years ago we used to take the same cottage twice a year in Verwig, just down the road from Cardigan - so all the places in your photographs were familiar to me. I really enjoyed the tour - not as much as I would have done 'in the flesh' but still, better than nothing. So thank you for including us in your birthday day out.

  2. What a wonderful day out you had! A great way to enjoy your birthday.

    Such beautiful scenery and a chance to walk some of the coastal path!
    The antiques shop looks interesting too. I would have enjoyed a browse and a rummage in there :-)

  3. Belated Happy Birthday. What a wonderful day out and thanks so much for sharing. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Some really dramatic shots there. Loved the stone chamber.

  5. It all looks wonderful! Happy birthday, why not let it last the rest of the week :-D

  6. Happy Birthday and Thank you for taking us on your Birthday day out. I liked the look of that antique shop and the colour of the sea - beautiful. The sea here is always grey and the antique shops are always so expensive catering for all the second home owners.BUT we are sunnier :-)

  7. A very happy birthday! What a wonderful day out and thanks for taking us with you. We have a burial chamber very like that near here called 'Spinsters' Rock'. They're magical I think. xx

  8. Sounds like a very satisfactory way to celebrate your special day. The countries is beautiful, and I thoroughly agree with your assessment of Wind Farms ... they are sprouting up all over New Zealand in recent years and are an abomination.... and the downright LIES the promoters tell about their affect on neighbouring homes and farms! They really have no morals!

  9. Thanks to you all for your kind comments. Hi Virginia and welcome. My son cana't find work in Oz, so is heading to NZ this weekend, and will be staying with a family friend just outside Christchurch.

    Em - I know of Spinster's Rock, but never been there.

    Suffolk Smallholder - We started off our walk in pure sunshine, but then some girt big clouds came into view! At least we had the best part of the day in sunshine and that sea air - wonderful.

    Kath - yup, extended birthdays. I'm into that!

    C/Tales and R/Robin - glad you enjoyed and thanks for the birthday wishes.

    DW - the antique shop was a proper one (not the junky ones we are used to). They had all sorts piled high and it was lovely to rummage!

    Pat - I am so pleased I brought back happy memories for you.

  10. What a lovely Birthday day out.
    Adore the first photo with the trees making a tunnel of green and the burial stones.
    Let there be cake !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. I'm sorry to have missed wishing you a great birthday--I had gotten as far as thinking it was coming up 'soon.'
    What a lovely day out you had--a variety of scenery and landscapes.
    Re Poldark: I've thought of reading the series again, but my old paperbacks are browned and with tiny print. Must think about this. There was a book or two written quite some years after the original set--they didn't have the same flavor and interest and I never owned those.
    Masterpiece Theatre produced Poldark in the late 1970's--my introduction to public television.

  12. Belated happy birthday, it looked a gorgeous day out. I like Newport, when we were there Paul bought a bottle Welsh whiskey there, think there is only one distillery in Wales...

  13. I'm sorry I missed your post, belated birthday wishes to you.