Saturday, 12 April 2014

Highways and byways of Laugharne - some more photos added

View across the estuary from Laugharne.

A magnificent Wisteria was growing up this beautiful house.  It was just putting out tentative buds.

What a lovely Georgian cottage . . . in need of some tlc though . . .

Browns Hotel, where Dylan Thomas was wont to drink. . .

Opposite Browns the windows had been blocked out and various paintings replaced them.  Think Dylan Thomas again although I'm not sure about the Chameleon? at the top . . .

I took a little lane which went down towards the park, across a little stream.  This beautiful house was half-hidden in its woodland setting.

A closer view, with the Gunnera putting up their huge umbrella-like leaves.

I saw this huge Magnolia flowering behind someone else's taller garden wall.  This was the best iew I could get of it, with someone else's wall and garage in the way.

A secluded patch at the end of another garden, with Honesty flowering and a sprawling Magnolia thinking about it.

Up the little cobbled street . . .

A view across houses near the little bakery (which did AMAZING sticky buns!)

The castle.  If I wasn't completely shattered, I would give you a little history.  Perhaps a separate post some time . . .

This house was called Green Dragon, and next door to it was Green Dragon Cottage, which abutted to . . .

The rather grand Dragon Park.  I'd love to know where the name came from.

I've always rather liked the look of this house (formerly The Rectory).  It has just been sold and folks were moving stuff in - from the back of their car, so I assume they had lived locally and bought it.  It looked to have lots of character from what I could gather as I nosied through the front door from across the road . . .

Some beautiful words to leave you with.


  1. ....but definitely not in the style of Dylan Thomas :-)

    Thank you for a walk around Laugharne. I would love to go there one day.

    Your first photo is lovely with the splash of pink flowering currant against the grey of the estuary.

  2. It was a day of low-light, so that bright pink was definitely needed! Words - no, not Dylan at all!

  3. Something beautiful remains. A memorable phrase, and I like that sign for the pub.

  4. Sweet words on which to end my long day. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. The pub where your guy used to drink is really neat. We haven't got that kind of oldness here...

  5. Thanks so much for sharing - some lovely photos and I really enjoyed the walk round Laugharne :)

  6. Some of those houses are gorgeous and I really love that first photo - beautiful.

  7. WOW - your last two posts of Newport and Laugharne have amazed me - they are places that I adore and visit time and time again - I have many photos of the same viewpoints that you have photographed so beautifully.
    I should not be so surprised, There must be many people out there who love these places and take a keen interest in their history.
    I too took a photo of the headstone and kept the words above my computer for many years - I gained some comfort from the beautiful words as I am a bereaved mother.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us - it is such a pleasure to read your posts..
    Best wishes Pam

  8. Love the shop of the castle and some pretty interesting buildings too. I enjoyed the walk around, thank you.