Saturday, 17 January 2015

Museum Post II

Elsewhere inside the Museum now.  The big old kitchen, with plenty of room to sit down and eat and a huge table to work at .  A shame it's so grey with the paintwork, and it would have been nice to have some bowls, jugs, and a tea-service out, but perhaps it's a work in progress, or had a Christmas display which has just been cleared.

Part of the farming section, with various farm tools.

42 looks like a dog collar with 6" nails through it - perhaps it started life as a dog collar, but this was worn by a calf when they wanted to wean it off the cow - needless to say the cow would put up great resistance to being suckled by a calf wearing this!  When we first moved down here, I remember seeing one in an old derelict cottage.

A lovely selection of old butter pats.  These were often carved from Sycamore as it is a wood which could withstand a good scrubbing with soap and hot water.  Kitchen and Dairy tables likewise, often had scrubbable Sycamore tops.

A variety of butter churns in this display.

Milking outside, as it was done in the days before larger herds and milking parlours.  I think the lady is wearing clogs (very practical) and she has a hat on so she can lean into the cow to milk without getting essence-of-cow on her hair . . .  Reminds me of a scene from Tess of the D'Urbervilles, only there they milked in the pasture.

An old Fair scene - one at St Clears, west of here, judging by the writing on the pen to the left.  Perhaps around the time of the First World War, judging by the attire?

A display of very Welsh things - a Harp, a Big Wheel as much spinning was done in the home before factories set up; a Welsh quilt and a Welsh blanket behind the lady in Welsh dress, with her warm woollen shawl.  A tall hat in the background is shown being worn in the Salem print on the wall on the right.

Various pieces from the locality, including truncheons and pistols used by the Police.

Various pieces of military attire.  

The bone in the centre is that of an ostrich, and has been turned into a piece of art by prisoners (I assume) turning it into Scrimshaw.  The other pieces there are all made from bone too.

More tomorrow.


  1. will have to pay a visit now thanks for tempting me :-)

  2. There's lots to see, and it gives you an idea of the history of Carmarthenshire and its people.

  3. Oh wow...that looks like an Erard harp. I used to have one very similar before I bought my Russian harp. How lovely to see one again! Jx

  4. The butter pats are my favourite.

  5. Mine too Suzie. I would collect them but at auction they are SO expensive. Jan - oh, you are a Harp Person. Our eldest daughter always wanted to learn to play the Harp, but we couldn't afford one.

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