Thursday, 16 July 2015

A bit of light weeding . . .

Yesterday's loaf, which was a Sunflower loaf, half and half wholemeal, with some spelt flour in too.  Scrummy.

This morning I baked a batch of Raspberry Muffins (raspberries from the garden) to take into Carmarthen Antiques Centre as they celebrated two years trading in their new building yesterday.  They were gratefully received!

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon I got busy in the garden, using the strimmer, and then (wo)manpower to remove the nettles, brambles and waist-high grass which had got everywhere during June, when I couldn't get out there because of the pollen levels.

I didn't take a "before" photo but here is after.  The ancient roserie de l'Hay rose is no longer held in thrall of grass/brambles/nettles . . .  I also edged the top end of the driveway, but you can't see that.

Work in progress here - you can see how overgrown it is in the paddock plot.  The Lemon Balm is about 2 feet high and the weeds (grass) taller still.

Above and below: yet to do . . .  I'll get there in the end.

However, this weekend I am off to Sheffield to stay with our eldest daughter Tam, so it will have to wait until my return . . .


  1. I am sure the weeds will wait until you come back unfortunately they dont mind waiting, have a good trip :-)

  2. The bread looks wonderful.
    The garden overgrown or not looks lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Why is it that weeds thrive on neglect and our plants just turn their pretty little toes up.

  4. Have a lovely weekend, and remember all weeds die in the winter! That bread does indeed look scrummy...

  5. Have a lovely weekend, and remember all weeds die in the winter! That bread does indeed look scrummy...

  6. Have a good trip, weeds will just have to wait for your attention.

  7. Hope you enjoy your trip to Sheffield, it sounds as though you've earned a break:)

  8. It would really be helpful if gardeners could just blink and all the weeds would just disappear. However, I do not have that gift. Have a great day.

  9. Joan - hello and welcome. Oh gosh, yes, that's a lovely idea. In my case, I blink and there are twice as many!

    Rowan - we had a lovely time Rowan. I was on the train, so I couldn't come over to see you - we had another of those action-packed weekends! You can hear all about it shortly, and I will try and get across to see you next time I'm up.

    Marlene - you're right, the weeds can wait! I haven't forgotten your Aquilegia seeds btw.

    Thelma - I have a sneaking suspicion that bred - be it homemade or boughten - does me no good, so I am going to try a sabattical from it as an experiment.

    Pam - that's why weeds have survived the millennia I guess!

    Pat - don't worry, I will do what I can and Tam and her boyfriend are coming down to help me in about 3 weeks' time!

    Parsnip - thankyou. I can see the loveliness behind the grass!

    Dawn - they're still here! I had a lovely time, thank you.

    CT - it was. My favourite is my cheese bread, but I can't have that because of my lactose intolerence now. Sigh!

  10. Your bread looks delicious on the table.
    Those weeds just keep on growing, Autumn will soon be here though.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. I'm not thinking about Autumn yet Michelle! That's when I do my Autumn Tidy Up!! It will still be the spring one at this rate : ) The bread tasted as good as it looked.