Friday 24 July 2015

Chatsworth Part II

Gird up your loins!  Another photo-heavy tour of the Chatsworth interior.  I rather like this photo I took of some of the lovely plates at Chatsworth.  Quite atmospheric.  I would LOVE these on my dresser : )

This tea service was just so genteel and delicate.  Possibly Meissen (though what do I know?!)  It's more likely to be Derby, although none of the later heavy gold patterning.

The Library, which had a rope across so you couldn't go in.  Looking at that gorgeous carpet, I'm not surprised.

This is another seat from the Exhibition, based on an 18th C salon chair.  Different . . . and at least in keeping with the history of the house.  Unlike SOME in this exhibition!

I spent ages looking at these incredible sculptures.  You felt they would come alive at any minute.  I presume they are black marble (from Belgium?).  They were just so beautiful.

Some of these photos are slightly fuzzy, as I would just have to point and click to avoid getting someone in it - as it happens, there's someone in the background, but that's better than the back of someone's head!!  Anyway, a beautiful bed and that fabulous wallpaper.  I weakened in the gift shop and bought myself a teatowel in that design.

There were many wonderful paintings, but this one (I don't know the artist I'm afraid), was just SO atmospheric.  I wonder if it was a Dutch Master who painted it, from the use of the light and the composition.

Another fuzzy bed, but isn't it beautiful?  More amazing wallpaper too.

"Prinny"  - who became King George IV.  This is probably his Coronation picture in fact, with the crown on the table.  I

I just loved this vase (or a Japanese brush pot perhaps?) and the wallpaper behind it gives a close up of one of the birds which inhabited all the wallpapers in the house.

I could resist taking a photo of this chap.  He looks like a rather different take on Buddha . . .

I just HAD to take a photo of this incredible piece of furniture for my OH.  Ebony and mahogany? I would think, and describe it as an Armoire.

Blue John was mined in Derbyshire - there are Blue John Mines open to the public near Castleton.  Back in the day, there were chunks big enough to make wonderful goblets and chalices like this.  Now there are just small chips and slivers used for jewellery.  I have a pendant and a beautiful pair of earrings made from it, and a teaspoon.  Mine is the plain purple/lilac/white colour combination, but here there is a lovely amber colouring (shown by the light inside the one on the right).

I know my husband well, and know he would LOVE something like this - AND a house big enough to display it!  A wee bit OTT for my tastes . . .

I loved this pair of lions and the expressions on their faces.  The one above looks like he has a hangover!

This wee dog was part of a bigger sculpture.  He looks like a Pharoah Hound with those ears, but was probably an alert Whippet.

Above and below: Finally, some modern art I actually LIKED.  Plus they were in an area where they fitted in (the gallery with the wonderful alabaster sculptures).  I loved the organic way the legs flowed into the ground, and the design reminded me of the 60s, and also patchwork quilt designs. The top one was my favourite.

Over the weekend I will try and fit in some photos of the grounds.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of stately homes except for the kitchens and below stairs areas but I do like the modern art benches and seeing your pics of the most interesting things will save me going there!

  2. I particularly love that wallpaper in this group of photographs BB. I don't think i would like to live there - I like my homes 'cosy' - but then the family usually have cosy quarters away from the visitors don't they?

  3. What a wonderful day out, the sort of thing I really love, when we move we are joining the national trust, so many wonderful places to visit.,

  4. What beautiful pictures. The wallpaper is gorgeous and the lions are striking. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  5. Joan - welcome. I am glad you like them. I would have wallpaper like that in our house (but I bet any facsimile would be so expensive it would be out of budget). I thought the lions looked so realistic too.

    Simple Living - no NT membership for us round here as only 3 properties in this part of Wales, but like you, when we move . . .

    Simon - I am glad that the photos brought you pleasure.

    Pat - yes, there are something like 135 rooms, but 100 aren't open to the public! I dare say they are a bit more homely.

    Sue - I'm glad I saved you £20 each! Sadly, there are no grand kitchens on show at Chatsworth, and I agree with you, those are the best bits!

  6. I loved the wallpaper too, and those beautiful black sculptures.

  7. I do love seeing old houses & the inside, it has been years & years since I have been to Chatsworth & i really enjoyed your tour.
    Enjoy this wet weekend.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. DW - both were stunning.

    Michelle - you and I are kindred spirits I think! The wet weekend here will be tomorrow - today is dry and sunny so I really must try and trundle round the weeds again.

  9. The wallpaper is superb - what a beautiful house it is. I don't normally like modern art much but I do like that in the last two photos. Loved the Blue John too :) Great post - thanks for sharing all the photos.

  10. Fabulous photos ;) how the rich do live, though I expect there are smaller quarters elsewhere in the house.