Thursday, 2 July 2015

Where has this week gone?

I have been working flat out, though we did have yesterday morning off to meet up with a friend down in Narberth.  We had a cup of pretend Earl Grey tea and a wander round the antiques place there, and then I came back and concentrated on front of house - once it stopped raining - and cleared the gutter, and then scrubbed the outside, and all the paintwork.  Have some touching up of paint to do in the porch today, and if I can find the exterior paint, doing the stone windowledges to make them more presentable.

I managed 3 barrowloads of detritis from the stoney side of the garden, which was so overgrown I expected Tarzan to appear any minute!

Earlier in the week I began the mammoth task of polishing a lovely old beaten copper gallon measure which we had bought at the weekend.  It was dark with dirt and verdigris and took about 3 hours polishing to restore it.  My right hand is still complaining!

Part of the way through - how it looked before I started on that side.  Boy did it take some shifting. TBH, I like it a lot and may just keep this and put my huge Victorian copper pans up for sale instead, but for the moment it will have an airing in the Unit and we will see if I am meant to keep it.

Right, this won't do.  I have SO MUCH work here and I have lingered on the computer for far too long already, and I haven't even got the excuse of eating my breakfast, as I've now done that!

Nearly forgot - this heavy vintage enamelled pan came home with me from Malvern.  It cost me £6 and is actually a deeper jade green than this, but the flash isn't very accurate for colours.  It will be used and enjoyed, but is currently on top of the fridge-freezer with a similarly coloured bread bin which has seen better days but still can at least be decorative.


  1. Can't write much as I am just too exhausted from reading what your week has been like!!! Go steady in this heat.

  2. Today promises to be 10 times worse Pat. If not 11 . . .

  3. I have been indoors spinning or trying too, far to hot to be outside until the evening, lovely finds you have you do collect some interesting items on your trips :-)

  4. I remember everything was made of enamel back in the day - and all chucked out when plastic arrived! I have a picture of me aged about 3 paddling in a big enamel tub

  5. I love copper, this one is beautiful. I scrubbed at a copper pan last year we bought, it was black with burnt stuff from an old range. Andy scrapped a little off with key before we bought it from the old yard in town & copper was under there somewhere! We took that one in turns. Well done.
    I love the old coffer you bought too, we have two in our bedroom as we do not have high walls. Your is wonderful & to have a date on it too.
    Just catching up with your posts & have enjoyed them so much, Summer is such a busy time I m not on the laptop as much.
    Fondly Michelle

  6. What a wonderful copper jug - I'm really glad i wasn't the one cleaning it! The enamel pan is great too - we always had enamel pans and dishes when I was a little girl. Hope you are coping OK with the heat. Torrential rain here tonight I gather but the day has been less humid at least.

  7. Beautiful copper jug, must admit I hate cleaning copper or silver, Brasso or Silvo will bask gently in the cupboard for many a long month before I use them.

  8. Beautiful copper jug, must admit I hate cleaning copper or silver, Brasso or Silvo will bask gently in the cupboard for many a long month before I use them.

  9. thelma - I always use Auto Sol, which is for cleaning chrome on cars etc, but works really well on brass and copper too. That combined with lemon juice to eat into the dirt, and some very fine grade 000 steel wool. It took some elbow grease though!

    Rowan - half way through I thought I wish someone else had this job! but I got there in the end. I have several enamel plates and dishes which are still in use here. My favourites are two rectangular cream dishes with a blue stripe round the edge. Just perfect for tray bakes and they were only 50p each at a car boot sale.