Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas X-stitch finished

Finished, including the edging.  This lovely Mistletoe design came from the Just X-Stitch Christmas designs magazine that Maria (Dotty's Daughter blogspot) sent me after our recent meet-up in Newcastle Emlyn.  It's been a good while since I last did x-stitch and I thoroughly enjoyed making this.  I am now stitching a little house design from the same magazine.

I am feeling completely bejeebered today as I have been sleeping badly and last night just got a total of 2 1/2 hours' sleep in all, due to stress (our daughter is in a tizz at the moment) and then just after I HAD dropped off (after coming downstairs to read for an hour), my mobile phone jangled to tell me that the batteries were getting low.  I never normally have it on at all, and had forgotten to turn it off.  Then my OH had a nightmare where he was kicking and punching someone again, so I had to wake him up to stop the dream.   I thought I turned my phone off, but, many hours later after I had spent half the night downstairs and seen 4 o'clock come and go and then 5 o'clock too, I was just dozing off again when it did it again.   How it avoided being embedded in our bedroom wall I'll never know . . . but I had to get up and take it to where there was a light (we leave one on in my office so we can see our way to the bathroom in the wee small hours) and turn it off properly.  How I am still awake now I'll never know!

Anyway, T is home tomorrow and I can take her mind off her worries, and we will make the Christmas wreath together, and go for walks etc.  Her sister is just home for Christmas day and night because of work commitments, but we will make the most of our day of freedom.

I hope you are all sorted for Christmas.  I'm nearly there . . .


  1. I do sympathise BB. We never stop worrying about our children do we? And yet we know in our heart of hearts that all we can do is give them our full support. I always get up if I can't sleep, make a Horlicks and read for an hour. This usually does the trick. Otherwise I am tossing and turning and keepingus both awake. Have a goodnight's sleep tonight.

  2. You have done a lovely job with the stitching, have a lovely time with your daughter and get some sleep :-)

  3. The Cross stitch looks really good.
    I hope you have a much better night's sleep tonight, it's horrible tossing and turning. I usually listen to radio 4 or BBC world which it changes over to and it's so boring it sends me off in no time, then I wake up with a start when they play the odd bit of music.

  4. I've recently had the insomnia discussion with extended family--convinced we are born with that dreadful tendency. Its a 'circular' condition--are we stressed from lack of sleep--or unable to sleep because of stress and anxiety.
    On that note, can we ever shed concern for our adult 'children'---that sense that we should somehow 'fix' their problems.
    I see I've managed to pose at least two rhetorical questions--no solutions!

  5. We never grew up as far as our parents were concerned. we were always their babies never mind our age. equally children/step children never grow up either its nurture nature making sure that everyone is safe. love your cross stitch looks lively. well done. enjoy your time with tam and being her sounding board and with your other daughter too never mind her time will be brief. Is your son still in AUstralia. take care dear friend xx pattypan xx

  6. Pat - my husband thinks I am wrong to get up and should just lie there, staring at the darkness! Nope - not for me! I go downstairs and watch Escape to the Country!

    Dawn - thank you. I slept well last night but still have a thick head this morning (Sat. now).

    Sue - as above! I woke at 5.30 so got up and finished my accounts. As you do!

    Sharon - I think when you get to a certain age, insomnia comes to visit more and more often. I can remember my late m-in-law being awake all night and asleep all day on the sofa . . . Being empathic, I feel everything Tam feels and it is draining, I have to say. Ah, those rhetorical questions . . .

    Trisha - I guess when our children have problems, we have the built in "sort it" button still . . . Tam's on her way now and can't wait for her to arrive, or to see her sister Gabby on Christmas day. We will Skype Danny at Christmas - he has been in NZ this past year and is moving on to LIVE (rolling eyes here!) in Cambodia "for a while" in 2016.

  7. Poor you, hope your daughter's worries resolve themselves...and you manage to get some sleep and rest. Love the

  8. Thanks Maria. Look out in the post for a wee package. I hope you can use the contents. Nothing to get excited about, but will have more to give you next time we meet up. Tam will be here in just over an hour, so need to get myself sorted I think.

  9. Your stitching is just adorable. Have a lovely time with your girls and a happy Christmas x

  10. What a pretty design BB.

    Have a wonderful time with your daughters.x

  11. Lovely cross stitch and what a pain about the sleep. Hope your daughter feels better x