Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Back from Over the Border

I'm back home safe and sound after staying with my best friend Tricia, who lives near the New Forest.  I took myself off for a rather muddy-boot walk one morning.

A fallen giant - there used to be a tidy-up policy, but all fallen trees are now left to rot, which at least feeds a few insects and thus birds.

I will do a proper update tomorrow.  Feeling a little jet-lagged today (though I suspect it is mostly from not drinking enough on my journey and then swigging wine on my return!

I even got a VERY brief walk around parts of Romsey.  More of that tomorrow.


  1. I hope those horses managed to keep out of the rain this morning, sheesh

  2. Welcome home, the most excellent place of all. Looking forward to a catching up after you get rested again. Dehydration will catch us when we travel. Hard to remain mindful of that sometimes.

    Adore old trees as they gently decompose to feed the next generations of larva and all kinds of critters up the food chain even as our Great Mother Earth herself is nourished by the fallen giants. We're watching a lot of that with heavy rains after five years of drought. Hard on the trees trying to compensate.

  3. Ooh home for me! I hope you didn't get too wet- floods everywhere here today.

  4. Dawn - looking forward to catching up with all you've been doing.

    Simon - they are "wild" New Forest ponies (though they all have owners) and live out in whatever the weather throws at them.

    Lynda - I took some more tree photos. There were quite a few downed ones where I was walking.

    CT - it was extremely windy here today and had rained all the time I'd been down with Trish. I enjoyed the sunshine you had!


  5. I look forward to more tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed your stay with an old friend (always the best kind). What a splendid idea for fallen trees.

  6. First, Love your new header, beautiful.
    Wonderful photos but I alway worry about the horses out in the rain.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Welcome back home, the header is gorgeous in the face of all this wind and rain, such a vibrant colour.

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  9. Pleased that you managed a Forest walk in the mud!

    The NF ponies are mostly in good condition this year, after a relatively mild winter.