Friday, 11 March 2016

Spring has sprung

I know that for a fact as I came down yesterday morning to a pair of baby bun-bun "trousers" left behind by one of our boy cats.  Probably Alfie as he is a terrific hunter.  They also leave the stomach behind, so I shall have to watch where I tread from now on . . .

Yesterday I popped up (finally!) to see my friend Dawn, and admire her new goat kids and some ram lambs (surplus triplets) she is rearing for the freezer.  I don't know HOW she gets any work done as those goat kids were so enchanting.  Her husband had made them a scaffolding playground . . .

Even the mama goats enjoy playing up there too!

The caged bit is around the goat house where they sleep at night.

These lambs were waiting for their brekkers . . .

Happy lambs.

Happy alpacas in the sunshine.

Dawn showed me her new sewing machine - it even THREADS its own needle!  She has so many embroidery programmes for this machine and her "old" one, and can speedily make up some lovely things.  When she showed me some of the things it could do, and the lacey dreamcatchers she had been making and other projects, I felt like my sewing was back in the Neolithic!!!

I will catch up more over the weekend.  About to go out the door here.


  1. There's a bizarre "goat tower" at White Post farm centre. planks and chains and stuff.

  2. Lovely photo's of Dawn's livestock, she is a lovely lady.

  3. Lambs are outside now thought they could do with some sunshine :-)

  4. Love the photographs BB and love that goat scaffolding.

  5. What a fun experience-having those inimitable personalities around the house and grounds. Thanks for the glimpse into that world.

  6. Love the goats play yard !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. If you go to Dawn's blog, Doing It For Ourselves in Wales, you will get all her smallholding news first hand. Today Dawn put up a short video of her lambs gambolling in the sunshine. It is guaranteed to make you smile.