Sunday 27 March 2016

The best-made plans

As I look out of the window, it is flinging down hailstones at a great rate of knots.  So that has knocked having a wander round the car boot sale on the head.  We are meeting up with our son later in town, but my OH has woken up dizzy and nauseous, so isn't going anywhere.  In fact if he, and the weather too, don't improve, all our plans to go to Malvern Fleamarket tomorrow are also knocked on the head.  If the Storm Katie hits higher than anticipated, Malvern will be a washout anyway, as there will be few outside stalls, and those are the ones where the best bargains are to be had.  Mind you, we have been before when it is raining and done well, as everyone just wanted to sell enough to make an early getaway.  I could go on my own if the weather looks OK, but that's no fun, and it's a lot of driving on my own.  We always share it.

I seem to be blocked by the stars at the moment, as I treated myself to the latest issue of Baking Heaven magazine yesterday.  I marked several recipes I would love to try, only to find that one of the prime ingredients in each was ground almonds, which I am low on.  Ah well, the best made plans and all that.  I will stock up later as I shall still meet up with Danny in town and if my OH is feeling better, we still may manage tomorrow, although it is doubtful as when you've been feeling rough, a 3.30 a.m. start is not appealing . . .

We had our middle daughter G here yesterday with her partner.  It was good to see them again (first time since Christmas!) and hear all their plans for the future.  They are saving for a deposit on a house, which is good news, and there is talk of kittens . . .

I don't think gardening will feature today, due to the weather.  Now I have removed the rampant pink thug from my main border and also the paddock plot (and put all the big chunks of it in a rough area between the lane and the paddock, so the bees and other insects will still benefit) I have decided to take one of the David Austin roses I have in tubs - destined to come with us when we eventually move - and plant it where the thug used to be.  I think it will be the pale pink Felicite Parmentier.

Well, Happy Easter to everyone, and I hope you don't have a spoke in your wheel this weekend!


  1. Yesterday was dull and dry until 5pm, then we had everything thrown at us. This morning started sunny but that's gone. Family lunch here, so we are going nowhere.

  2. Happy Easter Jennie, hope Keith gets better. The weather here is sunny at the moment, but we had a terrible downfall yesterday, got absolutely soaked shutting the hens up.

  3. Happy Easter Jennie, hope Keith gets better. The weather here is sunny at the moment, but we had a terrible downfall yesterday, got absolutely soaked shutting the hens up.

  4. Marlene - it is a tad unpredictable at the moment! That's what comes of holding Easter EARLY!

    Thelma - Happy Easter. He's had the morning in bed, so hopefully might be mending now. Fingers crossed this storm isn't too dire.

  5. It sounds like a stay home and twiddle thumbs sort of day there! Most off-putting when one is in a baking mode and the pantry is missing an ingredient or two.
    It sounds like a very uncomfortable awakening for Keith--hope nothing serious going on. Since you're well into the day there [while I've just finished morning coffee] perhaps weather and other domestic upsets have started to resolve.
    Relocating roses is a battle. I see there is a shoot emerging from where we uprooted the invasive rugosa by the front steps--not a surprise. If it was some rare and prized specimen it likely wouldn't persist.

    1. Sharon - you are spot on about that Rugosa - any rose you WANTED to survive, would promptly kick its toes up!

      Keith spent the morning in bed and is feeling a bit brighter now. Hopefully we will be able to manage our middle-of-the-night start tomorrow . . .