Saturday 9 April 2016

Corners and backstreets

Morning all.  We had a day in Hay-on-Wye yesterday (no surprise there then!)  I wandered round with my camera taking photos of the backstreets I never normally photograph.  Here they are.  Enjoy.  Sorry for lack of words but it's my birthday today and I have a list of "fings to do" . . .  I shall also remember poet Edward Thomas who died on this day a century ago, and also my mother-in-law AND her brother, who also both died on my birthday.

Here I was trying to show how Hay sits in the landscape.

A lovely old house.  This would suit us . . .

A puss-cat watching the world go by.

It was SO hard to get a photo without a car in it somewhere . . . or a bollard, in this case!

Addyman books on the right hand corner.  One of my favourite shops for old horsey books.

Above and below.  The overflow store room for The End.  I think this bull's head is being saved for Hay Festival Week in May.

Below: the owner's cat, on guard duty!

I will take T here when she is down with us next week.  All sorts of goodies in there.  (I liked the sign which says "Best Quality Old Tat" . . .

A tea shop, showcasing its "equipment".

It was lovely wandering through this little cobbled pathway to the cottages beyond.

Finally, some colour on a largely grey day.


  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday and that the skies are blue and the sunshines brightly - I must return to Hay-0n-Wye this year.

  2. Thank you Rosemary. As you can see from the header we had a beautiful sunrise. Then we had almost-sleet - bit blobby raindrops and a nasty raw cold outside. Now the sun is through and big cumulus clouds playing in the sky. You will enjoy visiting Hay again I am sure.

  3. Happy Birthday - I hope you have a lovely day :)

    Wonderful photos of Hay-on-Wye - I think I could live in that old house too :)

    I've just finished reading "Dreams of the Good Life - The Life of Flora Thompson and the Creation of Lark Rise to Candleford" by Richard Mabey. I really enjoyed it and it gives a fascinating insight into her life and the way her writing progressed (not just the Lark Rise books but her stories and articles for magazines etc. and clubs/societies she set up. She sounds a very interesting person and I would so loved to have met her.

  4. Happy birthday. I have put Hay on my list for next trip. My husband would hate wandering around all day.....I try to get into a maze of small streets and lose him, so it takes him hours to find me......and I can browse!

  5. Yes, happy birthday! I love your photos of Hay, I love taking photos of streets and alleyways myself, and even front doors, back doors, gates, and shop windows.
    Margaret P

  6. Happy Birthday, and love photos of lots of great shops to visit.

  7. Super tour around Hay - it's years since I have been. I have a dear old friend who lives in the area but it is just too far from here to go realistically. Happy Birthday - enjoy your day.

  8. Have a wonderful birthday honey . Love Hay....ages since we last went. ..Maria xx

  9. we are definitely due for a day out at Hay!

  10. What fascinating photos - brings back memories of my one brief visit to Hay many, many years ago. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Cheers

  11. Thank you all. Yes, I had a lovely birthday, and I can see that Hay is about to have an influx of visitors!

  12. Looks as though you enjoyed your birthday! I would love to visit Hay one of these days.