Thursday, 21 April 2016

Down by the sea - another day, another hill to climb!

Our eldest daughter has now gone home, but we managed another lovely - challenging! - walk a week ago, the day after climbing up the Skirrid.  My apologies for the sea-mist effect left of every photo - I obviously touched the lens with a grubby mit.

This is Pendine, a beach we regularly visited when our three were children.  If you look to the left of the houses you will see the steep pathway up to the top of the cliffs, which is where we headed.

From the beach, the view across to the Gower Peninsula.

Looking towards Tenby - I think this was Caldy Island.

From half way up the climb up the cliffs - unfortunately the grubby finger mark has spoilt the view considerably.

The last flight of steep steps . . . with violets beside them.

The beach from the top.  You can see the river going up to Laugharne, and on the opposite shore, Pembrey.

The view ahead.  Unfortunately the Neolithic burial chambers we had been looking for were on that far side and we had run out of energy by then!

So we sat and enjoyed the Violets instead.  Will try and find time for a round-up of news soon, but it's busy, busy, busy here and another viewing the first week of May.


  1. I know the area well from many happy holidays down there years ago. But my legs are not up to that sort of walk any more - but how I would love to see those violets.
    Hope the viewing goes well.

  2. I rather like the sea mist effect on the seaside photos!

    What a lovely walk. I`m sure that your daughter will go back to city life feeling refreshed. You must all have happy memories of Pendine.

  3. Pendine! Think I was there when I visited Boscastle, on a foul day that only oystercatchers enjoyed. Those cliffs are supposed to be some of England's highest?

  4. Simon, Pendine is in Wales - Boscastle in Cornwall.

    Lovely photos of the seashore and scenery; the fingerprint almost adds atmosphere! (Sea mist or spray?)

  5. A lovely walk and wonderful to see the violets and views. So pleased you have another viewing lined up.

  6. Lovely grey sea as well, smudgy finger mark adds character, it is the occasional fly that annoys me.