Monday, 4 April 2016

Feeling feeble

Sorry, photos not words today.  I have managed to come down with some sort of bug and am bejeebered - brain just not in residence, and no energy.  So, just some photos from the Antiques Fair at the Botanic Gardens, which we went to on Saturday.  It was nice to see what folk are selling, and have a good chat with various dealer friends.

This was my friend Liz's stall.  She has a very good eye and always has an eclectic mix of stock.

Above - I think this was also Liz's stall.

Above and below - the stall of some Scottish friends of ours, Helen and Alistair.  Gorgeous things to be had here.  They have a love - and knowledge - of Wemyss pottery (see the top two shelves below).

There were many other stalls.  We didn't go to the ones inside the house (running out of time and there is a lot of jewellery and glass etc which doesn't interest us), but here are a few photos of the tented section, which was largely Vintage traders.

Above - as you can see, it had rained quite a bit, and the poor folk at the bottom were wet underfoot.  I should imagine they weren't best pleased.  We had a chance of a tent here, but this is not a fair we have done well at in the past, so decided not to stand.  Just as well I think.

Inside the big marquee.  All sorts in here, as you can see.

Hopefully I will be mending tomorrow - I hate feeling yuk!


  1. [hugs] BB hope your equilibrium is soon restored. Looks as though there were quite a few goodies to be had. Just take it steady. Pattypan x

  2. Oh dear--are you having a dose of whatever got to Keith a week or so ago? I hope you've been able to curl up warmly with whatever brings comfort [cats? books? tea?] and will be feeling stronger tomorrow.
    If I had money to spare such places as that flea market would be dangerous--I noted several cat figurines which might have needed to come home with me.

  3. Thanks all. Tuesday a.m. now and feeling a bit brighter - waking up to sunshine has helped, so I plan to get my seeds started off today.

  4. Not another bug Oh dear, I spied a lobster pot in one of the photos and last year I was having trouble finding them :-)

  5. Oh I hope you are back to better health soon. Love the photos from the flea market. I LOVE a good rummage!x

  6. Hope you feel better soon.

    Love the photos - some of the pottery looks rather nice :)