Friday, 3 June 2016

Away on my travels

I'm away from my computer until Wednesday now, as I'm down in Hampshire, staying with my best friend Tricia, as it's her birthday next week.

Hoping that the sunshine lasts.


  1. Happy Happy Tricia !~! Aren't summer birthdays the best. Hope you all have a great, glorious time.

    I'm off on a road trip w my best friend of 35 years in a few days; we'll think of you from the road.

  2. Thanks Lynda. Tricia has been my best friend for 59 years, since we met an Infants' school. Sadly she is very ill from the Chemotherapy for her cancer, but her Oncologist is going to hopefully start gene therapy in a couple of weeks' time and we are hoping for a miracle.

    Stay safe on your journey.

  3. Hope you have a lovely time with your friend and that all goes well for her with the gene therapy.

  4. Love the view in your photograph and the buttercups in your header.
    Enjoy your stay away - hope the weather holds. Cold and dull here.