Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hampshire in the sunshine and some lovely flowers at Mottisfont Abbey

This is one of the beautiful roses at Mottisfont Abbey - it's name is Crimson Glory.  I think this was one of the ones growing against the walled courtyard as you proceed through towards the gardens from the entrance.

We stopped at the bridge over the River Itchen (the Test and the Itchen are Hampshire's two great chalkstream rivers, famed for their fishing).

As you can see, the view from the opposite side of the bridge showed some of the Trout that these rivers support.  Dear old Jack Hargreaves would have loved this sight.

Beautiful Mottisfont Abbey.

This lovely bridge across the Test reminded me of Monet's gardens at Giverny.

No label, but isn't it pretty?  One to try and track down I think.

I thought this was Lady Waterlow, having taken a photo of the nameplate in the ground beneath it, but on-line photos show Lady Waterlow being a deeper pink than this and I can now see a different (unreadable) label on the left!

Single Cherry is the name of this deep pink rose.

The plantings were lovely - this large white Clematis was scrambling up a wall between roses, with a Potentilla and a lovely deep purple Iris in front of it.

Another stretch of herbaceous border.

This is Double Blanche.

Here is Tricia, the birthday girl, sitting gratefully in a shady corner for a while.  It was a really hot day and it was good to just sit and watch the world go by out of the sun for a bit.

This climber is Ards Rover.

A sea of Nigella.

Glorious white Paeonies.  Sharon - I saw these and thought of you!

Label too fuzzy a photo to read! but such a pretty rose.

A cooler spot to pause by, as we headed homewards.

A final view of the gardens.


  1. What a glorious day, and it has been filthy here!

  2. We had a day there last year, and loved the walled garden.

  3. We are planning a visit next week. It looks the perfect time for it.

  4. This was last Monday Simon, but both in Wales and in Hampshire, I have been enjoying wonderful sunshine - really HOT! Sorry . . .

    Marlene - I would love to go again.

    Jenny - Perfect timing, as we were a little early for the main burst of roses, but you can't chose when your birthday will be and Tricia's was a couple of weeks early!!

  5. Lovely lovely flowers there, it is ages since I visited a large garden. I really ought to get out there and find one or two.

  6. Pam - I agree. They are such a delight.

  7. Beautiful garden..
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. You obviously had a beautiful day, not the wet one we had here. Also our roses are by no means out yet- one flower yesterday - the first on Alexander Girault on our calf houae wall. Lovely photo of the birthday girl.

  9. Beautiful photos of a lovely garden - the flowers are a total delight :)

  10. What a wonderful place to spend a birthday, I hope that Trish really enjoyed her day. The gardens look really lovely too, I must try and get there one day.