Wednesday 15 June 2016

New forest photos I nearly forgot

I nearly forgot the New Forest photos which I took when I was down staying with Tricia.  These blurry ones were of wild flowers (Ox Eye Daisies and purple Tufted Vetch) which were growing beside the main road and just SO beautiful.  I wanted to walk among them and take lots of photos but would have got squashed flat just trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic!

Above and below.  One of the few foals born on the Forest this year.  Since pony prices took a dive, stallions have been taken off the Forest, some gelded and others pts, which is sad but perhaps best for the breed in the long run.  So fewer stallions, fewer foals and the ponies in much better condition overall - though this mare looks like a good worming wouldn't go amiss.  The collar round her neck is a reflective one, in the hope of warning traffic at night if she is crossing the road.

The foal was feeling sleepy in the heat.

Anyway, I met up with my dear friend A, and after going to her saddlers'/feed shop for feed, we took her young dog out for a short walk across the Forest.  It was good to be back.

Heath Spotted Orchid.  (I think - too tired this morning to form proper thoughts!)

Beautiful Dog Roses growing without restraint.  There are several different types in the UK, but this pale one seems the most common.  Here in Wales we have them in slightly deeper pink hue - Downy Rose, or perhaps Sweet Briar?  Always good to see anyway.

A really gorgeous cottage on the Forest - I could move in this minute!!

A final lingering look at this bit of Forest, where I have picked bags full of Wilding Apples and Crab Apples. . .

Finally, Rhododendrons - OK, I know they are invasive, but how pretty is this?


  1. The wild roses are always lovely aren't they? Inly just beginning here and the rain isn't helping much. One day I must visit the New Forest, it looks a beautiful place.

  2. You'd love it Rowan. Lots to interest you in the Forest towns and beautiful wild countryside.

  3. Love the wild roses, do they perfume the air ?
    Will the owner of the mare get rid of her worms. Her little foal looks so cute can he get infected from his mum ?
    The Rhododendrons are beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. parsnip - they have a perfume whilst you are near them. The ponies are rounded up each year and wormed. The foal, once it starts to graze, will get a worm infection from the grass (worm eggs come out in droppings).