Thursday, 14 July 2016

Another summer's day walk

The first Blackcurrants from our soft fruit plot.  About 5 lbs berries now in the freezer.  I have to confess, a few popped into my mouth too!

I am a terrible cheat and I cut the canes (call it pruning!) and bring them indoors to tackle, whilst I listen to the radio.  It's a tip a neighbour shared with me when we first arrived, and I have to say it's a lot less back-breaking than bending over the bushes picking.

When I went for a walk this week, this young bunny was very aware of me coming, and soon scooted into the hedgerow.  He is one of the lucky ones, as our cats regularly bring back baby bunnies (so far all of them dead, although Little Whale did bring me back a Blackcap (bird) a few weeks ago and obligingly dropped it when I told him sternly to do so.  I managed to rescue the bird and give it liberty again, shocked but unharmed.  They are beautiful birds, very graceful and rather like a grey swallow with a black head only without the tail streamers.  I never knew we had them on our land until that incident.

A well-nibbled Boletus - I think this is the Cep (Penny Bun) - Boletus edulis.

The view across the valley on a walk to my friend's smallholding.  This lane climbs very steeply up the valley side and comes out by Pantglas Hall.  It is a time share place these days, although the Italianate tower of the old house still remains in the grounds.

Rosebay Willowherb in all its glory.

Another view, further along the lane.  The lane in the last picture can be seen to the right.

More later.  I am off to stay with my best friend Tricia in Southampton this weekend, so will try and do one last post before I go.


  1. Beautiful photos today. You live in a green paradise.
    I know your cats are different . . .
    but I really don't like cats outdoor, unless it is a farm.
    In a city no reason for them to be outside except for killing of birds and having way too many kittens.
    Two of my children work at shelters and the overpopulation of cats and killing of wildlife is staggering. Right now it is kitten season here and they are filled up to bursting.
    If my cats were allowed outside they would be eaten in a day. coyote , mountain lions, bobcats and foxes.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. Our cats are all neutered. they arrived as strays (or children of strays) and so will provide no more feral cats. Ours are happy to be in (when it's cold or wet) or out (when the sun shines). There are many shelters here which deal with cats and dogs needing rehoming.

  2. That is a fine crop of blackcurrants!
    Good to hear that you rescued the Blackcap.

    1. Some more to come too, but they will probably all be eaten by the time I get back from So'ton. I must try and remember to pick some gooseberries to take to Trish. I was thrilled to see a Blackcap close at hand, so to speak.

  3. Lovely scenery BB - I think today we all need the peace of beautiful scenery.

    1. I couldn't live without it Pat. I can't imagine living anywhere that doesn't have Swallows nesting in the barn either . . . or newts and frogs and dragonfly larva in the pond . . .