Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rooftop views across Hay and a few Herefordshire photos

Hay Bluff from the car . . .

I recently wandered around Hay Castle, camera in hand.  Here are the results.  Firstly, a corner of Hay Castle, of course.

The view from in front of the castle, looking towards a corner of the Butter Market (behind the blue car).

Moving along a little, below the castle are the books offered for sale with an Honesty Box.  They are not worth nicking . . .

A little artisan beer and cider shop where a vintage shop once was.

Gathering clouds.

Above and below, looking Eastwards with a slight nod to the South.

Beneath a Cedar Tree at the back of the castle.

Another eastwards glimpse.

Looking Northwards.

Looking down into the town again to the flats above shops.

Above and below - looking distinctly threatening!

Last week we went to Checkley near Hereford to see some good friends of ours.  Not much chance for photography, but these few snaps from the car as we drove away.  No real need for words.  At least I have got to grips with loading photos again.


  1. Lovely photos and you are right about the books down the bottom of Hay castle and the ones outside the old cinema(if they are still there) don't think I ever found anything of interest there

  2. Lovely photos and views - I do love Herefordshire :) Good to see Hay Castle too - have recently dug out my old paperback copy of The Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine as I am thinking of re-reading it!

  3. I love Hay and the whole of Herefordshire. When I lived in the Midlands for many years we used to go regularly to music courses in Wales - usually for the weekend.
    Often we would call for a few days in Hay on the way back. I now have an old friend who lives there and although I haven't seen him for some years, we still correspond at Christmad.

  4. Ragged Robin - she has just written a new one set in Hay and environs which was published last week (I have it!!) called Sleeper's Castle. You will LOVE it.

    Sue - no, nothing of interest ever! I haven't been down to the Old Cinema in years - just driven past it regularly.

  5. Wonderful glimpses. Thank you ~