Saturday, 2 July 2016


The Paul's Himalayan Musk this time last year.

Still here, but very tired after a couple of hectic weeks travelling to the Welsh border and back, plus going to auctions etc.  A busy time.  I hope to get the photo problem sorted this weekend (our daughter T is in residence and will help me).  Then hopefully normal service will be resumed.

I am suffering from severe lack of sleep (2 1/2 hours last night due to pollen, the ONE hit I have had this summer - brought on by my tempting fate and saying the pollen hadn't affected me this year!).  It was Malvern last Sunday which is a middle of the night start.  We thoroughly enjoyed our day out though and came back with some stock, but not the sort of stock we were really looking out for.

The garden is looking stunning - as long as you concentrate on the roses and not the weeds!

Mostly The Garland at the edge of the drive.  Prettier than Politics anyway!!

Back when I can get my brain together.


  1. Hugs sweetie in your own time just take it steady. I fortunately have never suffered but this year the pollen levels seem to have been a bit higher especially early evening. Whether that is because there are a lot of blossom trees etc. out of the back of the house I do not know but girls who have never had it before have been plagued by it and have been very uncomfortable so you do have my sympathies. The rose looks absolutely gorgeous. I am very fond of roses. Take care sweetie xx

  2. I hope you manage to catch up on sleep soon. I don't think I could get up that early nowadays

  3. Early starts are no problem for us after the farmer's early start for milking for fifty years - he now wishes he could sleep in a bit, but no such luck.
    As for getting your brain together again - I really don't think anyone's brain is together after all the hooha of the last ten days. For the first time last night it wasn't headline news - although it was another bomb outrage instead so just as awful.

  4. Tricia - I'm hoping to play catch-up this week as it looks a quieter one. Pollen reaction is so horrid and I hope that the levels soon go down in your area.

    Sue - The last few mornings have been early starts and neither of felt inclined to get up, but HAD to. A lie-in is possible tomorrow - bet we wake up at first Sparrow fart again!

    Pat - we are used to early mornings, but have been going flat out recently and the 3.30 a.m. start for Malvern always knocks us back a few days. Some good news on the tv would be nice . . .

  5. Those roses are fabulous! Mine have all been spoiled by the rain this year especially Felicite Parmentier who hates the rain and just turns brown which is a great pity as the scent is one of the best I know.

  6. I have a Felicite Parmentier too, and agree with you about her hating the wet and turning into a brown pulp! Lovely perfume though it is overwhelmed by the perfume from the Paul's Himalayan Musk. Kiftsgate is just coming out now - grown through the crown of the hawthorn tree and I have an umbrella of flowers.