Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A taste of another post arriving this evening (steroids have taken over and I'm climbing the walls . . .) Now updated with more recipes.

I made these Apple Crescents at the weekend.  Basically they are bread dough rolled flat, stuffed with lightly sugared apple, and baked.  Yummy.  Even my husband liked them and had 4 to my 2!

Fresh yeast rising in the jug, egg for glazing and sugar for the apples.

The recipe.  I am hoping it is legible (if blown up by clicking on it).  You should get three recipes on that page, to experiment with.

I shall be back to finish this post off later.  Now it's time to go and make tea (Kedgeree for me), plain boiled smoked cod, veg and a jacket spud for OH.

I haven't made this apple cake for ages, but boy is it GOOD.  I thoroughly recommend giving this one a whirl.  I may make it for my husband to take along to the boys at the small fleamarket he's going to do on Friday.  It soaks up a few more windfalls too.

Here's another tried and tested recipe and really moreish.  The orange and cinnamon goes well together.

Lunch for the week - a big pan of minestrone soup with boiling bacon and butterbeans for extra nutrition.  VERY filling and kept the Steroid Munchies at bay until teatime.

Whilst I was "resting" this afternoon (e.g. in an attempt to stop bouncing off the walls from the steroid hit) I carried another box of apples through, and peeled, cored and chopped them and put them in a pan of cold water.  All this whilst I was watching Ben Fogle's programme about New Lives in the Wild.  Really good - brave English couple who upped sticks and moved to the middle of nowhere somewhere in British Columbia, offering log cabin holidays, canoeing the wild rivers and going to look for Grizzlies and Black Bears.  Good on them.

Now, I've not tried this recipe before, but I have to say it is rather good.  I hope you can read this recipe (and the others, if not, shout out and I'll type them up).  I added about 3 or 4 oz of slivers of crystalized ginger as my husband loves that and I have to say it is rather GOOD.  The scorched looking topping is a grated apple, mixed with a little sugar and cinnamon.

Finally a bit of colour on the half landing down to mum's - some pretty silk flowers which are such a gorgeous colour.

All this had helped take my mind off worrying about my best friend . . .


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    1. Me too, but I will freeze the other half as I've had it two weeks running (not every night obviously!) and fancy a curry tomorrow.

      I'll come up around 10ish in the morning. You should hopefully be back from the blood test by then - I'll bring a book in case you're not.

      Oh, and I'll have some more apples with me, she said darkly . . .

  2. These apple crescents looks delicious and your recipe book looks like a tried and tested one - much relied upon I would guess.
    I find that the trouble with cooking fish is that the kitchen smells of it for days afterwards.

  3. Pat - the page does look a bit well worn doesn't it?! Actually that's the first time I tried that recipe, and managed to get some fat on the page. The little booklet is one I bought around 1975 I think, and I use it regularly.

    The kedgeree doesn't smell too fishy because of the curry powder in it. Mind you, I've been crying, so can't smell anything right now.

  4. I am a great fan of apples. The Waitrose apple and caramel cake recipe is rather moreish.

  5. Apples a go go! I love that you are using old, tried and tested recipes. The crescents look yummy. Are you making apple cider vinegar, I am thanks to Dawn!

  6. When Col was on high dose of steroids after each chemo session he not only bounced off the walls but wouldn't stop talking - it was very strange :-)
    No one giving apples away round here - sadly

  7. Aril - fortunately our nearest Waitrose is 60 miles away in Abergavenny, or I might be tempted by that cake recipe.

    Louise - I need to make some more apple cider vinegar with my peelings and bruised bits. I use it for cleaning too.

    Sue - I was awake ALL LAST NIGHT. Then I blew my nose and got the earrache from hell and didn't drop off until gone 6 a.m. this morning. I won't be going far today. Wish you were nearer, as I could give you boxes and boxes of apples.

  8. The apple crescents sound and look delicious, anything to use up all these excess apples, what a year it's been :-)

  9. If you were nearer I could inundate you with them Sue! When my friends see me coming they run away now, in case I have more apples for them!! I should get some bottled really, but I'm not very well at present, and my dearest friend of nearly 60 years is desperately ill in hospital. The bottling can wait.

  10. Thanks for the recipes, I am tonnes of apples so may try one at the weekend. I'd be really interested to see the minestrone recipe with bacon and butter beans as I love the sound of that, if you have a spare minute :) Please and thanks :)