Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Llyn Brianne reservoir Part 2

Above: gorgeous colour in these trees.  It was just such a beautiful afternoon (nice to remember now we are in 10/10 cloud cover and rain today!)

The dam was constructed in the late 1960s/early 1970s and apparently it is the River TOWY it controls, not the Cothi.  I don't know why I got that wrong, but hey-ho, one lives and learns.  This valley was flooded, and the remains of just two houses are beneath it.  Fannog Farmhouse can be seen when levels are low and many years back, in an exceptionally dry period, some wag put a For Sale notice by it - I can remember seeing the photo in the Carmarthen Journal.

I should have got a proper picture of the dam, which is apparently the tallest in the UK at a height of 300 feet.  I do know that the year before we arrived, there was terrific flooding further downstream as a result of water run-off and the dam being overwhelmed with water and the houses by the bridge across our river were flooded to a depth of 4 feet.  HERE is a link to a page about the reservoir and including a 6 minute video of it which will give you a good idea of the area and its beauty.

I forgot to say that the "pub lunch" was a non-starter as the pub we had decided to go to was SHUT!  So we had to resort to eating some of the extra strong Cheddar (which I don't normally like, but I was VERY hungry by 2 p.m.) which we had to break into chunks using the car scissors . . .  VERY sophisticated!!!  I hadn't bought bread as we didn't need any, so it was cheese only and for me, a handful of plum tomatoes, which wasn't a good idea as I couldn't wash them and the spray on them affected my asthma.


  1. Lovely colours in the photos.
    The one of the valleys looks like something from a geography lesson but I can't remember what it's called.

  2. That's a beautiful set of pictures; my homescreen in blogger seems to be that colour now, the good light of yesterday has prompted some great photography by the looks of things.

  3. I think it's "interlocking spurs" Sue. Shows how well THAT lesson stuck in our brains!

    Simon - I took these a week ago. The last really good day we had (a couple of nearly as good since but this was the last really warm day).

  4. I must say that picnic sounds abominable. Trust the pub to be shut when you needed it and had your stomachs all ready and prepared to accept a nice lunch.

  5. Well Pat, I was so hungry I could have eaten a scabby horse between two mattresses! I have had better picnics, I will confess!

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