Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lovely walk around Stanpit Marshes - and a Large White Egret sighting

I had planned to meet up with my So'ton relatives whilst I was at my friend Tricia's, but when I phoned it turned out my aunty and uncle were going to be down in Exmouth that week, so instead I ended up having a lovely walk with my friend and her collie around Stanpit Marshes near Christchurch.  It was a lovely warm day and it felt so good to get some sea air.

No Avocets or Waxwings were spotted, but we did see several Curlews, a Redshank and . . . excitingly, a Large White Egret.  They are considerably bigger than the wee chaps we have been seeing (we even have them on the Welsh coastal margins now too).

Christchurch Priory.

How nice it must be to live right on the marshes, with lovely views across the estuary towards Hengistbury Head.

Sea Asters (above).

This might be Pickleweed . . .

My friend and I wondered how on earth planning permission was given for these modern houses . . .

Oystercatcher? in foreground, Curlew (I think) to the right) and great White Egret middle beneath the white yacht.

A far more positive ID of the Large White Egret.  My friend has seen them here before, but I didn't know they were in Britain.

Some of the New forest ponies who were grazing on the marshes.

What a lovely little river boat.  I was waving away, as I thought someone had waved at me, but it turned out to be their dog's tail wagging!!!  Perhaps I need stronger specs . . .

Finally, a rusty old wreck which the Authorities had perceived as Dangerous, and put fencing up around it!

Tomorrow (hopefully) some photos of Llyn Brianne reservoir, where we went yesterday.


  1. Me too - wish I'd seen them all Simon. I've always wanted to see an Avocet.

  2. I love the chalkboard ! With the sweet drawings and all the information.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I dont think I have every visited marsh land unless you count the everglades,

  4. parsnip - such a good idea, as you know what to look out for. The Swallow sighting must have been one late-hatched, heading southwards.

    Dawn - go to the Llanelli Wetland centre which encompasses part of Burry inlet.

  5. Gorgeous photos and a great walk. Looks a wonderful place for birds. I saw my first Great White Egret earlier this year locally - I think sightings are becoming more common in England. Super birds :)

  6. That chalkboard is fantastic and you made me laugh out loud at waving at the dog's tail. Love the pic of the horses.

  7. Lovely photographs BB - what a beautiful area.

  8. RR - It doesn't surprise me that you have seen one. I was impressed to add it to my list.

    The Croods - I think it's a great idea, and glad I raised a smile. I'd love to go there again with my bino's.

    Pat - a lovely area. I am tempted to drag my husband down to the Llanelli Wetland centre now.