Saturday 12 November 2016

Shades of Autumn - a Recent Walk

I'm in the middle of bread making, but thought I would share a few photos from a recent walk.  Firstly, our beautiful river Cothi in Autumn hues.

R. Cothi at the bottom of our hill.

Talking of hills . . . this is the walk where the first 3/4 hr is spent climbing. . .

A last echo of summer in this little Foxglove.

Top of the hill and the misty view down our valley.

Views (above and below) across the valley.

Ivy flowers for any late bees and insects (still plenty about).

A little hippy house up in the woods.

The lane downhill (SO much easier on the legs).

A little stream on the lane's edge.

Mostly Willow and Hazel - the Willows hold on to their leaves well in this more sheltered spot.

Above and below, a friend's donkeys, Ned and George.

I stopped for a chat with my friend, and her dog was doing his very best to get our attention!!

A final slightly jiggled photo of the autumn colours.

Right, Cottage loaves wait for no woman . . .


  1. Oh bother, you've done it again.............made me regret our decision not to move to Wales!
    PS in your book collection have you got by John Woodforde - The Truth about Cottages. If yes, is it worth keeping on my wish list?

  2. Sue - no, I don't have that book so you will just have to wish on (sorry!) Wales IS beautiful, no doubt about that, but everywhere is SO FAR AWAY. That is the main problem with it. OK along the borders, but here we have to drive for nearly two hours to get into England again (across the Severn). You'll just have to come to Wales on holiday.