Tuesday, 4 July 2017

An unexpected viewing

We have some folk viewing our house tomorrow.  They have been in touch with the agent over the past few weeks but have now sold their property.  I have been going dingbats trying to catch up with housework, tidying, gardening and hiding most of the contents of the Junk Room in the stables . . .  Nearly there, but I couldn't sleep last night (head too busy planning what still needed doing) and woke up VERY early today so have been hard at it since 5.30 a.m. this morning.  I think I have a better chance of a good deep sleep tonight.  Your positive thoughts would be much appreciated. . .

The Header photo, btw, is Paxton's Tower, as viewed from the Botanic Gardens at the weekend.  I will just about stay awake long enough to include a couple of photos of the Gardens, then you will have to be patient until tomorrow when I will post an update.

I was very taken with this enormous flower.  I think it is probably a native of Australia, as many of the plants were in the Dome but I didn't take note of its name . . .

I only know these as everlasting flowers - mum used to grow them, and I have grown some here too.  They are like paper.

Dunno, dunno (above and below) but very pretty.  As you can see, we have such a WONDERFUL setting for our Fair, but boy, did it get hot inside the Dome!


  1. Fingers crossed for your viewing.

  2. Hi BB

    Positive thoughts being sent your way.[fingers crossed and toes plaited] Think the everlasting is Helichrysum or straw flower. My Nan used to grow them and use them in the Church flower displays.http://www.wilko.com/flower-seeds/johnsons-seeds-helichrysum-double-mixed/invt/0296465?gclid=CMCzlLaY8NQCFYEKGwodSSQKzw&gclsrc=ds. Hope all goes well. Pattypanxx

  3. For your sake I hope that your home and garden work their magic on the viewers.

  4. All sorts of good thoughts/prayers being sent your way re the 'viewing'--one of these days a sale has to happen!
    What interesting plants--especially that one with the big round blossom!

  5. The flower is,I believe, a Protea from South Africa.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that(one)the sunshines and(two the viewing folk fall in love with your home tomorrow.

  6. Good luck with your viewing.
    My friend grew Proteas in Hawaii.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  7. Good luck with viewing. For what it's worth I think it's the feel of a house that matters most and I'm sure your old farmhouse has a lovely feel. I loved the arts and crafts rocking chair you showed yesterday and I was wondering if you sold the bobbin chair.

  8. Think we all have our fingers crossed. Good luck and positive vibes.